Basketball seat selection

trying to select seats and it tells me I am over my allotment with one seat and won’t let me select
support number calls univ of nebraska ticket office which is closed,
uh ticket office is closed…
totally BS…there should be some sort of support during this process but it typical UH ticket office style…PHHHHHHT!

Do you you go into your account and see how many tickets have down for purchasing?

I had no issues. I got my 4 in sec 112 row 19

They have blocked off 4 seat groupings for those holding 4 season tickets. Even though you (and I) might have higher priority numbers, our selection is limited to the two seat groupings if we have less than 4 season tickets. If you try to pick off two of the 4 seat groupings, you get that message on the first try for the 4 seat group. I wish I could have picked off two of the four seats as well, but not sure how else they could have handled it. They want those 4+ season ticket holders happy.

Ended up with pretty much what I expected…not as good as normal, but just happy to be there.

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This is what it looks like as of now. I dont think im getting my chance :pensive:. Also @lowbehold do you mean that the people with 4+ tickets only choose 2 seats together or that they can only choose a maximum of 2 in a group? Does that mean we paid the full amount of our season tickets for just 1 or 2 seats of the 4+?

I don’t pick my two until late Monday. I wonder if there will be seats left at that point.

Sorry if I confused anyone. In the remaining seats, there are numerous blocks of 4 seats together. Season ticket holders with 2 seats are not allowed to select any of those, it appears those are currently reserved for those season ticket holders with 4 seats. I am only surmising this based on my selection opportunity, but after talking with others who had already selected, I believe this is accurate.

Can we only select in the green sections??

Why did they block all the best seats on the sides??? This is crap

I don’t think they blocked any sections, I think that shows the minimal seats that were available in those sections have already been taken.

Red Sections are COVID sellouts

Green means there are still multiple groups

yeah, I figured that out after finally finding an available 2 seat option.
It stand by the criticism however, no explanation on the video about the groupings and no one available to chat with or call…poor customer service

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I am under 100 hours until my seat selection appointment. :crossed_fingers:

Maybe having a 4-spot will actually benefit me…

I’m hoping for the same outcome

Forgot about the Two Tickets minimum rule. I only bought one waitlist spot and normally go to games on my own now unless I can get in the student section or do something with Trash can Man (not happening this season) or something else.

If anyone wants to bring an Extra Coog/Alum, just keep in mind i’m going to be standing and loud but I promise I’m a fun fan to be with (and also will cover the price of my ticket)

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I THINK if you pick one or two in a 4-block area, the whole area then becomes unavailable for anyone else. Great - just great!

I haven’t even received a selection time. Anyone else?

The site won’t let you pick one or two from a four block.

Check your UH account to see if it’s there. If not I would contact them Monday

Thanks. I don’t see anything on the account. I’ll check with them on Monday.

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Those were sent out a week ago Jeff so call as soon as possible

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