Basketball, the dungeon and cleaning toilets: Kelvin Sampson's Montana Tech days - The Athletic

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Good stuff jcoop. Lol. Don’t have access to the athletic.

I only needed the first paragraph.

They are doing a 90 day free trial I think if you want to read it.

Article captures the essence of Coach & Mrs Karen. That experience at Butte working for very little $ & then managing the Dorm & then continuing to run the dorm after being promoted to HC says so much about these wonderful people. Helps one understand their abilities to “Lead” a basketball program. We are fortunate!

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New deal finally signed. “Here’s to another 30 yrs of Sampson & Son” . :smile:.

Edit: some of you young whippersnappers might be too young to know ‘Sanford & Son’ !

Watched some Sanford and Son reruns just this past week. Could NEVER get away with lots of their HUMOR in the current environment . . . . .

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