Baylor fans Meltdown: worried about 0-24

I told a Baylor grad buddy of mine when they got Briles he would have that team winning shortly.
He asked about the Rhule hire. I told him it was horrible. It was like going from Jenkins to Helton. Why would you go from a high octane O to a defensive coach?
Baylor is now worried about going 0-24 over the next two years and ending up in CUSA when realignment occurs.
Baylor takes their rightful spot as bottom dwellers in the Big XII.

Could not happen to a nicer fan base.


The OLine is absolutely dread Waco way.

I like Rhule, but that’s a horrible fit.

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Watching Baylor struggle is maybe even better than watching Austin struggle. Not only do they deserve it more as a fan base, it cements in my mind the idea that when the big 12 implodes and the next round of realignment comes, we’ll be a more attractive option than them. Why would any conference take on a toxic entity like Baylor if they’re not even playing good football?


How many of their recruits can we steal? They have some good ones which I know we were going after.

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To say they regret hiring Rhule and this staff is vast understatement.

They already call him Fhule.
(BU staff paid more than OK… according to several posts)



It’s scary how many want to blow off the gang rapes, etc and bring back Art if Rhule keeps sucking.


You’re surprised?

I can think of one you’ll find about an hour or so south of there.

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Some flat out evil things went down in Waco.
Where are the morals/ priorities …

It’s happened since the murder in the basketball department. If that didn’t change anything rapes won’t either.



Frankly, I wanted to see Baylor do well when they hire Art. However, once they started doing well the fans became so full of themselves that it was painful to visit Baylorfans. You would hear that playing Houston was a no-win situation, like they were Texas or Bama.

Post Art Briles they are understanding who they are, a team that got lucky to be in the Big XII. And if realignment occurs again they offer very little in terms of fan base, location, population, eyes on tv, and will be the next addition to c-usa.

And Rhule is a very good coach. He is just a terrible fit. Why not find a Chad Morris or Mike Leach disciple for all those offensive players. Rhule plays smash mouth that requires great play by both lines. Baylor does not get those guys. Temple could get the hard-nosed D guys. It was their personality. Rhule blew it taking over at BU. And BU blew it hiring Rhule. Well, at least Rhule gets paid for seven years.

Agreed. I’m sad that otherwise people who seem perfectly reasonable lose their collective minds and sense of morality over college football.

Prediction: He will be a very successful coordinator after he is run off at Baylor. Eventually he will get a shot at being a HC again.

Agreed. He would have been a good fit up north in the B1G or a northern school in the ACC (Boston College/Syracuse).

Problem is that schools aren’t looking for defensive minded coaches to be P5 head coaches right now. Rhule saw an opportunity as Mack Rhoades wanted him at Mizzou and figured it might be his best shot and he can build something over time. Problem was the fans aren’t giving him a grace period as he expected (losing to Liberty didn’t help).

Baylor problems with athletics go back a long time, well before the basketball murder cover-up. There is no morality in Waco when it comes to getting ahead in athletics. Luckily, it looks like they’ve finally run out of lifeboats.

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Most fan bases are not that knowledgeable. Their situation is no different than smu coming off probation. Baylor has virtually no scholarship players. The coach is starting from scratch. He will need and most likely get at least 4 years.

Mack will try to keep Rhule there 4 years. He kept Dickey for 4 years and wanted to keep Levine on for one more year.

I foresee both getting pushed out before that if the football team doesn’t win. If attendance drops, Uncle Drayton will step in and make changes.

Baylor will end up in CUSA regardless.

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I hope we stay away from Baylor recruits. Any recruits that have been attracted to Baylor with their history over the last 10 years in football and basketball, probably are going there for the wrong reasons.

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