Baylor......the criminality continues!

Careful dude. “EVERY” walk of life has people that do things they should be ashamed of at one time or another. It is akin to discriminaton to taint the whole for the actions of the few. As representatives of a well respected, multi-cultural university, we should know better.

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The unique thing about Baylor is that no one or group is tearing up the chancellor’s office or protesting outside the provost residence.

They, none of them, give a crap about the minority of victims as long as the majority can enjoy some sports success. Awful institution. Awful town.

As much as I hate Houston media they would be torching the UH campus if 1/3 of that crap happened here.


In all honesty this could happen anywhere including UH except where the coaches are such hard asses that the players are too scared and no better to pull this crap. At least they are applying punishment.

What I want to know is when will Baylor be punished by the NCAA for Rape U?

you’re right, it could happen anywhere but it keeps happening at Baylor.


M’eh. The only thing that’ll REALLY put them in jeopardy is a Penn St. Incident. That would be “strike three.” I mean, what more could they do (murder, rape, Penn St stuff… really what else is there?!?)

Right. As much as I dislike Baylor and am not a huge fan of Mack, they actually deserve some credit for being proactive in this situation rather than trying to sweep it under the rug like incidents in the past.

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