Because we didn't learn the first time from Levine


This is why you don’t hire for longevity. You hire the best coach period, regardless of their loyalty. Now when he’s fired in 2-3 years we’ll be paying a buyout and having to dig out of a hole, instead of taking a check and plugging another coach into a 10-2 team. With likely the final round of realignment coming up in just a few years this is the absolute worst time to be crapping the bed.


Wait. How long is his contract?


5 years

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I thought this was a pretty good game up until the last half of the fourth quarter. The turning point was the turnover when Postma got sacked, and then I didn’t agree with punting the ball was just under four minutes to go. The offense was moving the ball steadily down field and the Memphis defense was pretty gassed. And considering the UH defense was giving up touchdown lane on every possession it didn’t matter whether Memphis had 3:45 or 2:15 left in the clock , I knew they were going to score. Maybe it was just a gut feeling but there was no doubt in my mind they would score if we have the the ball back. I figured the best defense was the offense by keeping the Memphis oFf the field. Sort field or not, it didn’t matter.

We’re 4-3. Had we won last week against a weak Tulsa team I wouldn’t be too concerned about the morale of the team. What concerns me Is the lack of fan support from this pint going forward, and overall mood of a 4-3 team facing a touch schedule. Helll, even the Tulane concerns me.

Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of Applewhite. He’s just too conservative for me, and I’ve yet to see any halftime adjustments that give me hope that he’s the future of UH football. In fact, despite this the being the best second half offensively of the season and we still managed to lose. What does that say abut the coaching staff?

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Applewhite isn’t Levine guys, not sure why we keep bringing his name up at this point. Levine wouldn’t be 4-3 against the schedule we played. Levine was a below average coach with a below average OC.

Applewhite, right now, is a mediocre coach with mediocre coordinators. Can he get better, sure. Will he have time to grow on the job and make the changes needed to get better…we’ll have to wait and see.


Thanks for posting Mrs. Applewhite

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Real mature




Sorry I couldn’t resist. Honestly I don’t know what to think about this staff. You hear about successful coaches who had a rough first year but it is very hard for me to be optimistic at this point


There’s a decent chance they have the same number of wins in their 1st season

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Yup. Applewhite will end up doing much worse.
The signs are there

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Worse than losing at home to Texas State in their 1st FBS game and then firing your OC after his first game? Worse than losing to UTSA, badly, at the opening of our new stadium? Worse than losing to a really bad Tulane team at homecoming?

Maybe CMA ends up there, but we’re not even close to that yet folks.

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I have the same feeling I had after watching UTSA slaughter us on our opening night of the stadium. I’m afraid that’s what Applewhite is.

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Because a ranked team loss equals a UTSA loss?

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I agree. Its his first season as a HC and he deserves another season. I would not keep the same coordinators and if he did i would expect way more second season. But pulling the plug on this project with the amount of people we have lost is not a good idea by any means. Then itlll really be a rebuild.


Memphis shouldn’t be ranked.


UTSA went 4-8. I’m not sure Tulsa’s record will be that good


So what do you guys think should both coordinators be dumped?


If we had beaten Tulsa this loss wouldn’t be so bad. It is just piling on to bad decisions and losses.

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Lol why not?