Being a Rockets fan (is FRUSTRATING)

The Rockets aren’t the only team focused on analytics. Most of the teams invest pretty heavily there now.

people are going off on Tillman on twitrer. Calling him an idiot and clueless. Guess i need to become an idiot. Some do say they like his brutal honesty about what he expects…

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There were only 4 consistent productive players all season and he said he was about that luxury tax life. Take the bench out and make room. So maybe fans should wait and see who hes gonna pick up. Leonard and Butler??? I

I don’t know how the h*ll Golden State does what they do. They came back double digits tonight and had Klay and Looney leave the game with injuries. Oh and Curry had the flu. Yet they still won on the road. If Durant leaves it may not even matter.


I hate the playoffs in the NBA as we march to the inevitable Golden State Championship again. Just depressing if you aren’t a Warriors fan.


I dunno, these games have been pretty gritty and I think Toronto has been underrated. Warriors are banged up.


I like Golden State because they play team ball, and you can see it on how they keep finding a way to win. Kinda like the Coogs… team ball can overcome individual talent much of the time. I love Steph’s game, and who he is as a person.

I get it though. GSW is becoming the Patriots of the NBA, the team many love to hate.

I think if the Rockets could play more team ball, I think they have a better chance.


Outside of Popovich, Kerr is the best coach in basketball.

If Durant is looking for money he will go to the Knicks or Lakers. If he wants another
championship he will stay with Golden State.

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I looked up the salary thing, the GSW can afford to keep everyone… BUT their payroll will be insane with the luxury tax… but they can afford it.

The only reason I can see Durant leaving is he wants to dispel the criticism he “cheated” going to GSW to get rings and wants to secure his legacy as “THE man” on the team. But, I don’t think you can get a better situation than GSW though. Look what happened to LeBron (not 1-1, but leaving doesn’t mean your situation is going to automatically improve).

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Mark Jackson built the team Kerr is enjoying…

Kerr gives Jackson a ton of credit. It’s widely known that Jackson was incredibly difficult to work with in the org. He taught great defense, but his offenses under-utilized the talent he had.

(BTW: I thought at first you I thought you said “MATT Jackson” lol).

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Lol…Matt Jackson is great at what he do!

Yeah. I’m always really skeptical about a guy when a team gets drastically better right after he left unless there was a real clear reason for it, or there’s enough supporting evidence to overcome it. It’s one of the main reasons I was so down on the Dickey hire. Tech got much better under Knight the first year he took over.

Kerr has given Jackson a ton of credit for their defense and said they didn’t change anything defensively when Kerr took over. I’d absolutely love to have Jackson join MDA’s staff to replace Bzdelik as “defensive coordinator.” I don’t think I’d want him as HC though.

Was reading today about some of the problems Jackson would create with the staff, coaches, and players. The article does credit him for laying the foundation. His Warriors were top 5 defenses, but ranked dead last in some offensive categories, they were 32nd in passing. You can see what happened when Kerr arrived and he saw what he had and utilized them and let them be themselves (Yes that’s a run-on sentence).

Saw an interview last night where Kerr said when he got there he saw every day the Splash Brothers were hitting these crazy 3 pointers consistently in practice, but all previous coaching and wisdom forbade shots like that. So they would sneak in shots like that in a game, and Kerr decided to let them be themselves… little did he know by letting them do that that his guards would literally change the entire NBA.

This paved the way for the Hardens, the Lillards and all the cray 3 point shooting.


Welp, Look like Toronto will win this series…Rockets loss…:slightly_frowning_face:

Why welp. Toronto has played great. Defense has been tremendous. Rockets did nothing to get there.

Toronto is a beast and im glad someone is finally giving them a run for their money even if it isnt the stand around rockets. Toronto is playing great basketball.

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Upset at the Rockets…