Being a Rockets fan (is FRUSTRATING)

Just not good enough at this point. Wouldn’t have beaten Toronto or Milwaukee. Mute point. I’ve followed them very closely since 1971/72 when they came from S. Diego and I’ve learned to let it all go once season is over.


Houston barely lost that series to the Warriors.

Also… maybe… just maybe, the Rockets and Trail Blazers wore down the Warriors… much to the benefit of the Raptors.


I think yiu are right!

Other than Cousins, we got just about a fully healthy Warriors team that was motivated vs us. They did lose Durant late in Game 5, but their other guys were still healthy.

Toronto hasn’t had to face Durant at all, Thompson missed a game and is severely banged up. Iggy has been banged up. Looney is severely injured. And, they’re trying to work a not quite up to speed Cousins back in.

And it isn’t like Toronto is a team of nobodies. Besides Kawhi, they have all-stars in Lowry and Gasol (who looks like his old self) and they are deep…hell, they have Serge Ibaka coming off the bench. They have more talent and depth than the Rockets.

Toronto has made the right moves and gotten some luck. Rockets haven’t been able to get that kind of luck against the Warriors.


Looks like Durant may have blown out his achilles :hushed:

Splash brothers won it in the last minute.

Toronto is one helluva team. Kawaii Leonard is other worldly. But they keep running up against the pedigree. If any team can win 2 more games straight, it’ll be the GSW… but it’s a tall order.


May have blown his offseason money with that, too…

He’ll probably still get a max deal. For a lot of teams he’s worth waiting a year for and taking the risk he’s ~90% of the player he was when he comes back. He also has a player option for ~$30mm next year, so he could just do that and sign a new deal after next season.


I imagine he stays with GSW… it was not a foregone conclusion he was leaving no matter what the talking heads pontificated. Was crazy with him on the floor, GSW was dominating Toronto.

According to the media, Coach Sampson to Arkansas was a done deal.

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I think he either opts in or works with GSW to take another 1 year deal with a player option. That way he can rehab all year and then see what the NBA landscape looks like when he is ready to comeback. It also gives him the opportunity to come back and play for the Dubs in the playoffs if he so chooses.

However, I’d be wary about playing for Golden State again. Kind of messed up that they played on his emotions in order to get him to play and then they played him 12 of the 1st 14 minutes in his 1st game back. They knew he’s addicted to social media and that he’s reactive to public pressure…they leaked stories about how players were questioning him after Game 4 when he didn’t play…they stated he would play in short bursts if he did play…and then Kerr played him long stretches early on. Warriors completely screwed over KD due to their own selfishness.


Couple of Coogs


Klay and KD might be out for the year. If gsw is eliminated rockets have a chance.


Run it back again…with a few tweaks.

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What a win for Raptors. Glad for Kye Lowry, one former Rocket i never wanted to leave.

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Raptors did a great job. They did it for the majority who wanted someone else to win. Well deserved to them and to Rockets fans everywhere.

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Big decision coming up:

With Anthony Davis headed to LA. There is a good chance Lakers will go for it and take Chris Paul in the right deal.

Paul is 34 w 3 years at $38/$41/$44 million left.

On the other hand:
Keep this Rockets team together and make one last run w Golden State looking down?
-KP/Klay gone or injured all/most of next season, Cousins probably getting much more $ somewhere else.

When did that happen and why did they take Ball with the trouble of his dad???..I would have said Kyle Kuzma or no deal…

I would imagine Ball will be traded. Jrue Holiday has been great for NOLA.

Kuzma was an option if the trade was mid last season.

In the present- his agent said AD would only resign w Lakers or Knicks.
Knicks w no talent.
Celtics backed off. No Tatum w/out AD extending his contract.
-New NOLA GM did what he could under these circumstances.


I think NO got robbed in this one. Ball is a joke. I would definitely trade him…and his troublesome dad…LAs Problem Child.



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No. Lakers got robbed lol AD for 3 players and 3 first rounders?? Man… im just hoping fertitta goes big and gets kawhi and jimmy butler. Maybe even another FA. The space is there. Keep the team and build on it.