Being a Rockets fan (is FRUSTRATING)


If you guys follow the players on instagram they’re all takin pictures with em and stuff.

Our players i mean.


I couldnt believe the lightning got swept after the season they had!

I was in DC during the first two games of the caps/canes series where the caps won handily, only to lose the series to carolina in 7. So crazy!

I’m a Penguins fan since the 90s. Their early departure was more predictable this year. Just playing bad defense and seemingly without drive. In retrospect, they may have protected the wrong goalie in the expansion draft.
The best part of the NHL for me is parity in the league. No idea who will win on any given night. And also the fast pace of the game. So much fun to watch.

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Ok. lacrosse anyone.

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Question: how often do our guys do reg practices in the facility vs. FC?

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I would think most practices during reg season and off season within NCAA allowed time periods are at the Guy V Lewis Center from what I’ve seen. That’s why it was built. I know when players want to go in and just shoot on their own w/o supervision that’s where they go. And during the season when the media is allowed to do interviews after practice they are always at GVL Center. On game days they go over to FC for shootaround, game preps. When Rockets went to SanFran day early last Friday they practiced at USF facility.

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So you’re a Pittsburgh fan? Interesting! I was glad when my beloved Caps (I was stationed in either the DC area or other parts of Northeastern VA for many years) finally got the “you can’t beat the Penguins” monkey off their backs, beat your team, and won their first Stanley Cup last year.

But alas…it was not meant to be a repeat performance.

I had been to IHL, AHL, NCAA Division I, and college club hockey games before. They were all fun, but the one NHL (Caps) game that I went to had excitement and fan rowdiness that couldn’t be matched!

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It’s amazing how many NBA teams use our facilities. Pretty much the 2nd best in the city (behind the Rockets facility)

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With Fertitta in place w the Rockets, I see the GVL Center as always being the go to place for NBA teams to practice when they need to practice outside of TC facilities. Really only comes into play during playoffs when here for more than 1 day or during season it may be of need when staying for more than day n need place away from TC.


Teams practiced there during the season too.

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Yep, they’ve been coming through for about three years now. I remember Indiana practicing there this year.

Great recruiting tool.


Hope the W tonight ease our pain just enough…we need another 3 to feel better…

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If we can make it 2-2, I’ll feel a little more optimistic.


True. Need a “blowout” win. You have to lean on KD thru out the game…

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I think this is the NBA finals. Both teams are tough as nails. Whomever wins this I believe wins the title.


I stopped being a Rockets fan the day they acquired Charles Barkley. I remained an Olajuwon fan for sure, but never again the Rockets. I follow them to a small degree but not with the passion I once did as a fan.


But, but,but, you missed Barkley and Drexler disagreements…and the clsssic Barkley and Pippen disagreements…or How about the time when Barkley body slammed Shaq because he was upset after the Rockets 0 - 5 start one season…Barkley hernia for throwing the ball at midcourt to the basket was one for the ages…


Our facilities may very well be better than the Rockets’ facilities. Rockets have one of the worst facilities in the NBA, with just their one practice court tucked into the back of the Toyota Center. Most other teams have much larger spaces and often have multiple practice courts.


Fertitta is planning on building new practice facilities away from the Toyota center which will match and maybe even exceed the facilities around the league, so they will be fine in that department. I used to intern in PR there and I actually think we’re comparable to their facilities. We have just about everything that they have but I wouldn’t say ours are better. Just newer.


I thought the rockets practiced at Westside tennis club