Being a Rockets fan (is FRUSTRATING)


I think they stopped practicing there when they moved into Toyota Center in 2003, I believe.


Yes I think Westside was a pre Lakewood Church thing.

(Dan) #63

I’m not a pro Houston sports fan, but I’ll be pulling for you guys tonight, along with the rest of three time zones.

(David) #64

I used to like the NBA but will only watch the Rockets in the playoffs now and that is hard enough to watch. Rockets get up by 17 and are on a roll and then bam! Three fouls against the Rockets on one GS possession. Predictable. This is why the college game is so much better.

(Cougarpad) #65

So watching Rockets game and Houston was about to go up by 20 and all of sudden the refs blow quick whistles to put the Warriors in the bonus. NBA doesnt even pretend to not be manipulated by refs. Cant have your chosen team blown out.

(Cougarpad) #66

I dont know what is more manipulative. The NBA with fantom calls to put teams in the bonus to keep from blow outs, or the random phantom caution flags in NASCAR for debris to keep top drivers from not falling too far from the front.


But, but, I thought you were a Coogfan…that is our “Houston Pro Team”!


The Rockets are playing the best team (not players) in NBA History…there have never been a team like them. 20 point leads mean nothing to them!

(Patrick) #69

2-2 now. Three game series. Rockets just have to keep the intensity up.

(Patrick) #70

(Bryant Hargrave) #71

I’d make the argument that this team is so great not only because of the team itself, I can’t take away from their accomplishments. Nor will I take away how will that team is constructed

But I don’t think Golden State flourishes as much as a team without the changes to the rules that favor the offense so much. I think older defensive rules significantly slow them down. But they are they’re best team as currently constructed in the last 15+ years for sure.

(PortlandCoog) #72

This is turning into a gritty heavyweight bout. Won’t be surprised if it goes 7. Superstars battling superstars. Series could come down to a single turnover or missed free throw.

(Patrick) #73

Yep, right now, those missed landing space calls in the 1st half of Game 1, the two missed fouls on Curry late in that same game that would have fouled him out before he hit the dagger, the three techs on Houston in the same game, and Rivers’ sickness that kept him out of that game are hurting bad right now. Could easily be 3-1 Rockets if any of those things went their way.

(PortlandCoog) #74

I love the rivalry.

(Albert) #75

We haven’t won a playoff series against them. 2015 4-1, 2016 4-1, 2018 4-3. Its more like we are a push over against them in the playoffs… so far. But I guess they hate against them is what makes it a rivalry. Really one sided.


It could have. But Warriors easily could have won either game in Houston. It’s been very evenly matched. 2-2 right now feels right.

Whoever can keep their legs a little fresher is going to have an advantage with the games flipping to every other night now and traveling every day between games.

(Tom Green) #77

Nobody has won playoff series in Western Conf against GldSt in 15, 16, 17, 18. Have only lost 1 series (Cleveland 2016)out of last 17 series they played so Houston is not any different than any other team in NBA against Warriors. I guess they don’t have any rivalry based on your observation! :roll_eyes::smirk:


Rockets get GS juices flowing and vice versa…


Since Durant joined the Warriors, the Rockets have 5 wins and 6 losses against the Warriors in the playoffs (and CP3 was hurt for two of the losses). The rest of the NBA has 5 wins and 31 losses. So far the Rockets are the only thing close to a rival to this iteration of the Warriors.

(Tom Green) #80

That was my point. Tell Albert not me. He says we are a pushover for them. Rocket’s have played them very competitively these last 2 yrs in playoffs. Probably won’t beat them again this year but definitely think they have earned their respect as a team that can challenge them consistently.