Being a Rockets fan (is FRUSTRATING)


I don’t think that’s official, yet, but hard to see him playing (or playing at the level he was at) in 4 days even with a calf strain vs. serious achilles injury.

EDIT: It now is official that he’s out for the rest of the series.


They did, but had much more depth than they do right now without KD. Iggy was younger and better then. As good as Draymond has been this series, he was a much better shooter then. They also had Harrison Barnes, Livingston was much better then, and guys like Barbosa, Speights, Ezeli and Bogut were giving quality minutes and teams at that time weren’t able to exploit some of those guys like we can do with the current GSW bench scrubs.

That said, they for sure have enough talent to close it out tomorrow. But I’m narrowly picking the Rockets in 7 due to having more depth.

(Patrick) #104

Script is sort of flipped from last season. Last year, we went into Game 6 at Oracle with a 3-2 lead and had just lost CP3. Now, Golden State comes here with a 3-2 lead after just losing KD. Hopefully, we follow the Warriors’ lead from last season and win the next two.

(PortlandCoog) #105

I’ve had the same injury in basketball, non contact right calf from a jump shot. It hurt like crazy and I thought I was done for weeks. But couple days rest and I was fine. Who knows…

(Munzell Milluns) #106

The only way Daryl Morey will win a championship is by the other team losing its best player for a couple of games or losing their best two for the 7th game.

Durant may not make it back for game 7 so he’s got a chance.

(PortlandCoog) #107

Official word:

Kevin Durant has a mild calf strain, could be back for Conference Finals

He’s out for game 6, & 7 if there is one of this series.


If the Rockets don’t take down the Warriors without KD, they never will.

(PortlandCoog) #109

Agreed, and Boogie’s out too. Still though the Warriors are resilient and somehow always seem to manage pulling it out.


The Rockets lost Chris Paul last season. They had to deal with it. Who cares if they lost their best player? If the Rockets win as a result, fine with me.

(Cristian) #111

Dont be fooled. Warriors were good before KD.

(Munzell Milluns) #112

It’s not about caring. I just said Morey needs that to happen for him to get a ring. He’s constructed the second or third best franchise in the NBA.


Steph and Klay are good, but they still need the others…


James Harden and Chris Paul legacies are on the line. First things first, hope they don’t relax and lay an egg tonite. Then take of business Sunday afternoon.


Progs I agree. If they don’t win Harden becomes this generation’s Doctor J. Lots of stats, amazing scorer but no rings. (Yes I know the Doctor got one with Moses Malone leading the way).


Dr. J also won two ABA titles with the Nets.


Loved the ABA and still wish they played with that ball but no one played defense in the ABA. I loved the Doctor and his fro is still the coolest haircut in the history of sports but his ABA titles are just nice.

By the way very few people know that Houston had an ABA team. The Mavericks. I am trying to find any memorabilia from that team.


One fascinating stat about the Houston Mavericks is that in their last game they scored 149 points but only had 89 people in attendance. Its believed to be the only time in the history of pro basketball that the team had more points than fans.


It happens all the time at Rice football games.

(VancouverCOOG) #120

…With more points scored by the opponent!!!

(bg) #121

Kelvin Sampson is what the Rockets need badly… I’m dead serious…