Being a Rockets fan (is FRUSTRATING)


And Paul’s age, dude is like 50 in basketball terms. Hes no longer the player he was once.


Warriors starting five players are an all star team and the Rockets have to counter with better starting talent. The good news is that the Rockets.are only 6 more points per game of becoming an NBA championship caliber team.


Tilman Fertitta walked off the court before the game was over. Morey & D’Antoni may not be back.

(Butch) #145

Me either Red…boring-boring-boring…I basically follow the Coogs and love the hoops program…never wish bad on the Rockets, but just not an NBA fan…

(Patrick) #146

Morey just got an extension in the last couple of months so I doubt they fire him.

D’Antoni is a question mark at this point.


Tilman said on an interview that Morey & D’Antoni were tied to the hip on making this work. May not mean much, but you never know. He looked disappointed.

(Munzell Milluns) #148

Sounds like analytics said it was Dantoni or bust.


It may be time for Morey to go.


I am not a huge fan of analytics in basketball. It makes sense in baseball but the are too many variables on every single possession to quantify. I just don’t see building a team around analytics.

(VancouverCOOG) #151

I would agree with this!


Golde State time will come, and when it does, they will be the next Chicago Bulls or NY Knicks where no one will want to go there…they will revert back to form.


The Rockets are short one major scorer. Like the Warriors they need that third major scorer
to help them survive injuries and to take the pressure off any one of them in the last five minutes
of a game.

(Cristian) #154

Kawhi Leonard? Spurs kicking themselves. Maybe even give up draft picks to move up in Draft?

(Munzell Milluns) #155

Morey is behind GS by about 20 million in payroll. If Tilman equates his performance with championships then he probably acknowledges that but the last eight minutes of that game were not about talent but about hustle. We had our two best players on the court vs. their best player and they played harder as a team and got nearly every loose ball, tied up, blocked, fought for rebounds.

Kerr gets more out of his stars at crunch time. And that’s on D’antoni.


Jon Beilein coach of Michigan is going to coach at the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They were the clear early favorites for Micah Peavy. I wonder if that opens up the door for UH :thinking:

(Ben B) #157

Is Cryer or Peavy better? Or do we have hte schollies available to get Mark, Cryer, and Peavy?


We have two offensive threats. They have three. Two are not enough.

(Munzell Milluns) #159

Once again, all the millions in the world can’t buy a star good enough to keep Harden from throwing a lazy pass with 3 minutes left in the game.


Analytics is the reason the Rockets traded Jeremy Lamb, Kevin Martin on the last year of his deal, and the pick that became Steven Adams for Harden and were willing to give him the $16 million a year deal OKC wasn’t (for reference Chandler Parsons makes $24 million a year now). Do you think being less analytically driven and not making that decision gets the Rockets closer to a title?

(Munzell Milluns) #161

Analytics = 5th place