Being a Rockets fan (is FRUSTRATING)

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GSW easily rolled over Blazers. Blazers had one of the dumbest game plans I have ever seen in the NBA. Kantor didn’t defend pick and roll on Curry and dropped into the paint resulting in 7 uncontested made threes from Curry. Note to Portland… you can’t give Curry practice shots.

Rockets played way tougher than the Blazers.


Do you still reside in Portland? How do blazer fans feel about this matchup?? I am thinking 4-0 sweep.

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I do… 1st off… Many Blazer’s fans tend to kinda obnoxious in my experience. But this town really supports the team. I love D. Lillard . Blazers fans were really confident but they fear Golden State. When KD went down everyone thought it would be a cake walk. People forget GSW are starting 5 MVP/Allstars even without KD.

The fans were STUNNED yesterday at the performance. I also think it’s a bit unfair to the teams to schedule the games so close together. Blazers were exhausted.

Still though one of the stupidest game plans I have ever seen by an NBA team not to defend Curry on the pick and rolls. And the Blazer’s fans recognize that too.

It might not be a sweep, but I don’t think they can win the series. KD may be back this weekend too.


The guys at my workplace (just outside of Portland) were like…dayum, maybe Houston was pretty good. Legit quote from big Rip City supporters.

They really thought that was their chance to steal a game, with KD out. I don’t see how they (Blazers) win this. If you shut down Damian and CJ, the rest of the team doesn’t stand a chance.

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Even with KD out, Warriors are better at 4 positions: PG, SG, SF, and PF.

Blazers might have an advantage at C and have better depth, but that’s not going to beat the Warriors playing straight up.

I know it’s hated around the league, but there’s a reason the Rockets play an ugly style of basketball against the Warriors. That’s the only way you have a chance against them.

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Rockets played much better against the GSW than the Blazers did last night. Rockets are gritty and tough. I just think they need to change some of that offense with more variety than 23 seconds of dribbling and shoot or drive.


I agree with that Portland. James Harden is one of the great scorers of all time. He is right up there with Wilt, Doctor J and Michael. But his dribbling down the clock is giving four defenders a lot of rest. He is awesome but its not Championship basketball.

The Dream’s ISO offense forced double teams and the ball rotated around the perimeter. The defense had to work. The Beard’s ISO is a day off for a big part of opposition.


The Rockets lost in six games to Golden State, but the point differences in the losses were five points per game. Missed FTs, missed layups, poor 3 point shooting, two more defensive stops per game and preventable turnovers per game are essentially the difference between winning and losing.

The Rockets shouldn’t have to play a perfect games to beat the Warriors. They played well enough to have won those games. Five points difference is not getting blown out by 15 or 25 points per game.
They are highly competitive and perhaps are the 2nd best team in the NBA.

They are close to the goal of becoming NBA champion, but they need more offensive balance and discipline. Rebuild around Harden with more talented players, both offensively and defensively.

Also, I not convinced that Mike D’Antoni is the right coach.


Maek Jackson would be…

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I think the rockets need one more really lethal shooter…GS has two of the best all time in Klay and steph along with durant who might be a fringe 40 percent 3pt shooter. Im pretty sure we dont have a guy on the roster thats ever shot 40 percent from 3. Maybe CP a long time ago.


I hear Klay Thompson is a free agent and not exactly thrilled with the scraps he’s being thrown in GS. Klay would be absolutely perfect on the Rockets.


Would the Rockets be able to afford him? They’re already paying Harden, Paul and Capela a gazillion dollars. Thompson is about his get his money.


Yes, the Rockets need one more shooter, especially in the closing minutes against the best teams.
They also need a couple of very quick defensive players. They give up too many points.


I saw shortly after that game 6 loss that Tilman has given Morey the green light to enter luxury tax territory. Based on that, I would say yes, we can afford him.

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For the salary i use this website.


It would be nice to have Klay Thompson on the Rockets. I highly doubt it will happen though.

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Thompson is gonna get max contract and stay with the Warriors.


JJ Reddick ???

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I don’t follow the NBA, but how about Matt Maloney? I remember him being pretty pricey, but is he still available? :laughing:


He was too scared of John Stockton…we are good…no thank you.