Believe Cincy's Loss Worse Than Ours... Hard to Believe

(Gregg) #1

Blowing a 22-point lead, the coach Cronin, needs to exit stage right. He’s a brow-beater, hate to play for him. Rather lose the way we did.

(Ryon Adams) #2

That was a meltdown of the highest order!!!

(Ben) #4

Cinci’s loss reminiscent of our 17 point lead that lead to a loss for us ? ? ? ? ?


Cincinnati was #2 seed and lost to the #7 seed

UH was #6 seed and lost the the #3 seed.

Michigan was favored by -3.5, we lost by 1

Cincinnati was favored -9.0, they lost by 2


Yeah, Cronin’s theatrics get very old. Constantly yelling, face all snarled up, regardless the situation. It’s a put off for sure.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #7

UH lost to a miracle shot. That kid made a 35 footer with a man in his face.

Cincy lost by blowing a huge lead and crumbling offesnisvely.

The Bearcats loss looks worse.

(Dan) #8

I agree blowing a 22 point lead is brutal. Takes a lot of bounces not going your way to erase a lead like that.