Berman updates the coaching search

Should be done by the end of the week. Riley is out. Miles/Kiffin/Major/Orlando are the finalists.

Where did you see that Riley is out, and why?

According to the entire tweet Riley is out. This was part of an attachment Berman included. I still would take it with a grain of salt.

Gotcha. Thanks. Just saw Duarte tweeted the same thing and we know both of their sources are inside. That really sucks if true. I was pretty excited about Riley. Of the remaining candidates, I’m now hoping for Orlando.


One thing I don’t like about this site is that embedded tweets don’t include pictures or other attachments. Click on the tweet itself to read the attachment.

My gut is telling me it’s down to Kiffin or Orlando. We’ll see how it all plays out.

I agree. Especially after looking at the #FancyStats, I was really getting excited about Riley. I’d prefer Kiffin of the remaining candidates, though. Orlando and Applewhite are pretty much interchangeable, and Les Miles is almost a complete unknown.

ESPN’s Jake Trotter implies that Miles is out as well.

I don’t trust much of anything from ESPN anymore. All they seem to do is regurgitate what others have reported. I think he inadvertently left out Miles.


Bingo, I think incompetence (leaving out Miles by mistake) is much more likely than him knowing something that no one else does.


what was all this “knocked the interview out of the park” talk? Looks like we are strong arming someone’s agent to agree to our terms…

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People really need to stop hitching all their hopes to a single favorite. There are several solid candidates. Whoever they hire deserves every ones support. Kind of silly if a bunch of 17 year olds can show more solidarity over all of this than a bunch of grown men.


Maybe I was wrong. Although I believe Duarte and Berman over Khan.

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I agree regarding the tweets. They use to show pics but not sure what changed. I will ask them to look into it.

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Why do we tend to love Kiffen so much? Pedigree with Raiders, top programs and now Saban? That’s all good except there are a lot of question marks as a HC. Same would be true for Orlando or Riley but Kiffen has actually “been there” and shown us what he’s like as a HC. Plus, he’s probably more expensive than the other options, except Miles.

Do you think Miles is too expensive? Arrogant? Maybe didn’t have a great game plan? Left in the search bc it puts pressure on Kiffen?

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I was about to respond with my opinion, but then remembered I’ve been wrong about pretty much everything. So, in response to your questions, my answer is “Who knows!?!”

I’m with you, I don’t get the love for Kiffin. He is #1 on my I don’t want list. I saw how he treated all the other programs/organizations he was at while head coach and I think it would be much worse with us because we aren’t a P5 school.


That buyout tho…

I had a feeling the buyout would be a hangup. I don’t think there are many people that want to agree to handcuff themselves to a university, especially without a gigantic, Texas/Alabama-level salary. Remember, if there’s no threat of leaving, there’s also no negotiating leverage for a raise, should it be deserved.

YES! Exactly. So why are people against Les Miles? Why would Les Miles leave in the middle of a contract?

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