Best and worst seed

I was reading another thread and i saw that coach said he doesn’t care about net and frankly neither do I to a point but you have to care a little to get seeded in a good place

So according to a couple of articles I read the 1 seed got to the final more than 50% of the time. Everyone after 11 seed only made it to the elite 8 or sweet 16.

I only care where we are seeded to have a better shot at the final but, he should definitely care where we are seeded if the committee goes off of net. Add to that the best place is arguably 2 but that ship sailed.

I think a great deal of that goes out the window this year. Of course you can pretty well mark it down that Gonzaga and Baylor make it to the Final Four. Other than that, I don’t see any locks for getting out of the first weekend. There’s also going to be a higher number of higher seeds lose the first game. The great fun will be to see how it all plays out


I just love that the debate is how high can we be seeded vs 20 + years of hoping for a bid


And the vast majority of those years there was ZERO hope for a bid. 92-93 season was the last one there was really any discussion of the possibility

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Yes our only shot was winning the conference tournament, though we got some NIT bids with some 20 plus win teams

Maybe already asked (and maybe dumb question) but would it be better to be a higher 3 seed than lower 2 seed, to avoid the Zag / Baylor brackets?


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