Best on Ball Defenders in UH history?

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #1

I was thinking of this earlier because I think we have 2 of the best this season. Here are the ones who come to mind and I was 9 -11 during PSJ so Don Chaney was before my time.

  1. Galen Robinson JR
  2. Brian Latham
  3. Bo Outlaw
  4. Corey Davis
  5. David Diaz

(Pat Patterson) #2

Old timer - Remember “The Ghost” - Gary Phillips

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #3

Oliver Lafayette could play some tough man D as well.

(Pat Patterson) #4

For you that are not familiar about Gary Philips you may want to catch up with Cougar royalty…


Don “The Duck” Chaney was the best I ever saw.

(Randy Randel) #6

I was about to post about him holding the Big O to his lowest point game of Oscar’s collegiate career. I was aware of Gary’s name thru the newspapers but never had the privilege to see him play.


I agree on Don Chaney. George Reynolds was on that 68 team with Chaney. He wasn’t too shabby either. They both had extremely long arms. When they lined up in the full court press with those long arms a-flailing, it seemed as if they covered the whole width of the court.


It was during the hoops dark ages, but Anthony Goldwire was an excellent defender.

(Butch) #9

Chaney and Reynolds were no doubt in my mind the best combo of defending guards we ever had here. Chaney was by far the best defender at guard I have seen here, and we have had some good ones…Corey and Robinson certainly rank high in that category. Chaney made a pretty good living with his defensive skills starting for the powerful Boston Celtics back in the day…
Best UH defender of all time…Elvin Hayes first, Hakeem next with Dwight Davis and Bo Outlaw not far behind.
Gary Phillips was a stud to but I never got to see him play in person.
We have been blessed through the years with many great defenders…

(Randy Randel) #10

Agree about the combo of Chaney and Reynolds. Neither were as intense as Corey and Galen but they were 6’5 and 6’4 with great length

Help me out, Butch, if you can. My recollection of the Midwest finals in 68 is that it was something like 14-0 before TCU got the ball to their front court?


Are you calling Bo Outlaws Coogs, the “Dark Ages”…???


1992-93: 21-9, 9-5 SWC
1993-94: 8-19, 5-9 SWC (no Bo Outlaw)


I really liked the post and article.

(Larry ) #14

I can’t say about the TCU game, but I was at the West Texas State game on Jan. 13, 1968, 1 week before the UCLA game. It was 12-0 before West Texas State crossed mid court. Chaney and Reynolds just kept deflecting passes and we kept turning them into dunks. It was awesome.

(Butch) #15

The only guard duo I can remember even close to Davis and Robinson in intensity would be the duo of Latham and Oliver L.
I am pretty sure you are right about the TCU game…they never knew what hit them. I remember TCU had All-SWC center McCarty (?) and E took him to the woodshed…it was never a contest.
A few years after that I remember the game against FSU here at Hofheinz when we used an intense fullcourt press to jump off to an early lead.
FSU had a team of towers and was ranked and eventually made it to the final four that year. Jerry Bonney was a truly great defender on that Coog team and highlighted that opening few minutes as we jumped off to an early 14-0 lead. The Hof was rocking and very, very loud.
FSU roared back in the second half and made the game close, but we won.
Great memories and I am ready to store up a few more with the bunch.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #16

Brent Scott was for Bo Outlaw like Joe Kline was for Olajuwon.