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Who screens tweets before they go out…? lol

Messing around with compliance makes me uneasy. Does CKS approve of these sessions?

CKS seems to embrace the former players coming around. Since no current roster players are participating, I am not sure how it could violate NCAA rules. Having NBA roster and Summer League guys hanging out at your place might sound pretty cool to players considering UH.

I am not sure how I feel about House coming around but that is just my personal perspective…

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Obviously there is a possible compliance issue here but what is it? Are our players not allowed to play pickup with NBA players? Is it the video itself because they show their names? I didn’t see anyone giving money to a church league.

Maybe he was afraid someone might think it was an organized practice with current team members.


So why would we allow Danuel House in our gym ??

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Coach Sampson is a bigger man than I am. TaShaun and House would have to take to Twitter to express their regret for leaving me in a bind my first year before I even think of letting them set foot in a UH gym.

I did read it right that he was one of the players?

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You guys gotta cut House some slack. It’s not like he transferred to Sam Houston State. Players transfer during coaching changes all the time and he was offered to be the star player on a middle of the pack SEC team playing in front of 6k to 10k crowds. Are the players that transfer to UH bad people?


Yep…I don’t really blame the players that came here during the Dickey reign; just blame Dickey and Rhodes (for hiring him).

Jacob Young seems to be the only one that has cut ties with UH (his father has come back into the fold a bit. I think I saw Thomas say something about having some regrets about leaving and not playing under CKS.

House is from the area, gave us two years, and is an NBA player with GSW; if he wants to show up where our guys can see him, I got no problem with that. We don’t exactly kick Eric Gordon or James Harden out even though they never played here. Helps with recruiting.


Thomas could have played under CKS, but I don’t think House had the heart to work that hard !


Think you meant Joseph. :slight_smile: He is a good example of what I meant. I remember Coogfans being up in arms when Providence didn’t want to release Young from his letter of intent and welcomed him with open arms. When Dickey mishandled things with his father and Young wanted back out of the mess that was UH basketball at the time, not everyone but a considerable amount of people were ready to throw father and son under the bus because of a ridiculous blind faith in Dickey.

The way things turned out for House and Young, I don’t see how they could have done any better sticking around.

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Whoops, yep, Jacob went to UT.

Agreed. While House probably could have benefited from playing under CKS, especially his defensive skills that are keeping him from being an NBA regular, he wanted to make the tourney to raise his profile…which he did at A&M. He didn’t know CKS then, just knew the disfunction within the basketball program. Him coming back to play pick-up games at UH speaks more to future recruits than his transfer did.

Joe got to shine at Oregon in the tourney, played a few years in the NBA and is now going to make money in China. Wish things could have ended better here and hopefully that bridge eventually gets mended fully. CKS bringing in Dotson and his success helped mend some fences over at Yates due to that whole ordeal.

Just glad CKS is willing to push through those old grudges in order to build a program.

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I say again, why did we allow House on campus ? He quit us. He’s dead to me.

I guess you boycotted Art being hired as our coach then?

And, just to clarify, while I’m accepting of them playing in our development facility, I don’t actively follow them as they aren’t true “Coogs.”

Now, if they start donating money to the program or University or come back as coaches, I’ll happily support them again. Funny how loyalty works.

I don’t blame them for transferring. I was just commenting on how I might not welcome him back with open arms to my state-of-the-art practice facility after getting my UH coaching career off to a rough start. I am not upset at him being there - just surprised. And my comment was meant in a more joking way than emotional way.

something to note…sampson has no bad blood with anyone from UH who transferred…the beef was between them and rhodes…

sampson in a recent interview (i believe the rothstein podcast). when he arrived said they came to him to get help to transfer. sampson helped them. so their relationship couldnt have been bad. their is no bad blood (or apologies needed)

also House prefers to be called a Aggie but he has never denied or said he regrets his time at UH, he constantly retweets things that call him “Former UH basketball star” and recently retweeted something about him choosing UH over P5 as a symbol of his love for the city

also some UH fan made a comment about how he would have been better of staying and he responded saying to judge him by his character {in person} not “stories they heard” that if they knew what really went on, and had a child in the same position theyd have made the same decision… meaning he left because of a situation not because of a school…

if we are honest, leaving was the best thing for him. he went from being called overrated by us (even before he left. i used to get in so many debates defending him. saying it was dickey)…to being a 2time 1st team all-sec, playing in the tourney and playing in the nba

id bet he’d be more willing to show some cougar pride if our fans embraced him more

Because he beat UT with HOUSTON across his chest.

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