Better than memphis

What teams do y’all feel will be better then this years Memphis team in b12?
My take is they will be better then everyone except probably Kansas and Baylor.

I mean they’re going to have as much talent as anyone in the country. As for how they’d stack up in the Big 12, I think at worst they finish behind Kansas, Baylor, UT, OSU, and WVU. In other words I think they’d finish somewhere in the top half, with an outside shot at winning the whole thing.

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Better is a relative term when Penny is coaching.
One can never tell. He always coaches his talent down.

This year’s class is on par with Michigan’s Fab Five.


You can have the 5 best players, but not the best team. 5 guys out to pad their own stats and be the big dog get beat by a cohesive unit of well trained players working together for the common good, even if it means some players have to sacrifice their own stats.


They still have to prove it on the court.
Secondly, who cares how they compare with big 12 teams? What is your point?

Why would top recruits go to Memphis? Penny? Sure. They are going where money is at.

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Larry Brown and Rasheed Wallace…all star coaching staff but can they all work together??

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My point was that this season we will see an epic battle between Memphis and Houston and I expect us to come on top. So though big 12 is a better conference but there are only two teams in big 12 will give us the kind of battle we will see against Memphis.

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Yeah basketball is not football; having a college coach with NBA connections actually matters. It can mean the difference between being drafted and not drafted, or between getting an invite to camp as an UFA or going overseas.

Larry Brown and Sheed are “made guys” who have played for and won titles at every level. These guys are highly respected in the NBA and can help guys get on a roster.

It matters.

So Penny is hiring these guys to help him? Why? He doesn’t think he is smart enough or good enough of a coach to do it without NBA-level coaches helping him? If that is the case why Memphis doesn’t simply hire those guys to be the head coach and the assistant coach instead of paying for Penny’s high salaries?

We do know that they can all cheat together !


Penny s hiring those guys because they are who he knows. He hasn’t had a lot coaches to have build connections with so the NBA is where he goes. It can be a attractive to young athletes though not always the best for a system and culture perspective.

We should be flattered that Penny feels the need to hire an A-Team staff in order to compete with UH.

I’ll take our staff over theirs any day of the week.

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Former NBA players does not equate to an all star staff.
LB has a wealth of knowledge but is in his 80s

I hope we keep scheduling Memphis even after we leave. Last couple years have been sweet after getting stomped by them for a decade.

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Yah I dont think there would be anything wrong with keeping them on both the basketball and football schedules.

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