Big 10 looking to adopt Big 12 model

(P5_OR_BUST) #1

This really took me by surprise. Never thought any P5 would ever even think to emulate the Big 12 in anything.


Kick some teams out and go to 10 teams like the Big 12?

(Dan) #3

So divisions are meaningless? And what about rotating schedules? This works for the B12 because they play a round robin schedule but it would be a mess for the bigger conferences.


Bye bye Marlyand and Rutgers

(P5_OR_BUST) #5

That was my first thought too. What’s the point of having divisions if divisional champs don’t meet in the CG?

For Big 10 the divisions are really skewed. The strongest teams are in the East. Ideally they would have put Ohio State and Michigan in different divisions, and maybe make them permanent cross-divisional rivals.

Put tOSU and Penn State in one div, Mich and Mich State in the other. Keep tOSU v Mich a permanent cross div game. That way you keep the potential that tOSU and Michigan play twice in the same year.

But what do I know. I don’t make make the millions Delaney does.


I do like the 2 top teams of the conference playing in the CCG. That is something the B12 has right although they didn’t plan it.

Those are the top 2 deserving teams of the conference though they may need a method to determine who to play in the conference every year.

Yes division winners will be no more. Do schools get division championship trophies or hang division champion banners up in the stadium? No, because they are already meaningless.


Wow, that second game would be a revenge game similar to that OU/UT CCG.

That game would have gotten a lot more eyeballs than OSU and Northwestern which means more money for their conference.

No wonder the B1G is considering this. Money!!!

(James Duncan) #8

Not surprising seeing that this is the same conference that labeled its divisions with fluffy honorifics like Legends and Champions, or something along those lines


There once was a time when settling things on the field meant something. That is slowly eroding to profit, so that no matter what, the Mich/OSUs or OU/UTs or USC/UCLAs of the world match up no matter that they lose to whichever fodder is in the conference.

Might as well skip the season and go straight to a 16 team playoff with the so-called blue bloods.


Make each conference contain the same number of teams and require each team to play each conf member every year. No OOC games. Make being in a conf mean something again.


That would kill the SEC model of three ooc cream puffs, and the late November cream puff week.

(Monte P Gilliam) #12

the only way to do that would be to completely dissolve the division format and have a 14 team league where 1 and 2 play for championship…dont see that happening…

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #13

I would support that. I wasn’t a fan of adding those two schools from the start, I was in NYC last weekend for the Bears game and while enjoying the SEC and B1G Championships at a very large pub in midtown with huge TV screens showing the games, me and my two friends were the only people who gave a darn about the games. The only ones.

Every time we yelled out for a good play the crowd would stop and look at the TVs then turn around, and there was about 150-200 people in the pub.

NYC is not a good college football town or area in my opinion - nowhere in Metlife stadium on Sunday were they showing on the hundreds of TVs the CFP Selection show. We had to watch it on our smart phones.

Rutgers adds nothing to the sports arena for the B1G and Maryland adds some decent support and all the lacrosse champions you ca get your hands on.


The Big 12 model is idiotic. A team plays every other team during the regular season to prove they are the best team, then has to “prove” it again in a so-called championship game? Just another reason the Big 12 is going to implode when the time comes.

(Brad) #15

It’s all about money, and the B1G has mastered it. This seems to confirm the twitter rumors from a few days ago that the B1G wants to eliminate the divisions, add Texas and Oklahoma, and package a tv deal where networks are guaranteed Texas and OU will be playing Michigan and Ohio State a lot.

The key in the rumors were that the top two teams would play in the championship. Basically they likely end up with two of Texas, OU, Ohio State, Michigan or Penn State in the championship most years.

Sounds like they are going to make a ton of money.


Rutgers adds the New York market for the B1G network and now New York is in the B1G’s footprint. That is a lot of cable subscriber fees going to the B1G. Oh, you thought the B1G added Rutgers for their awesome football program. Ha!

The B1G also has a great basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden and New Yorkers do watch basketball. More :eyes: and more $$$. Having the New York market is one of the reasons the B1G can distribute $51M to each of its schools.

Rutgers get $51M for that sorry football team. Un-freaking-believable.


I remember reading that Nebraska lost their AAU affiliation after joining the B1G and it was a requirement for an invitation to the B1G, so could Nebraska also be on the list of possible schools getting axed?


No school is getting axed in the B1G. If anything, they will add 2 more school

(Kendall Barrett) #19

Big 10 adopting the “One True Champion” model from the Big12 Minus 2 just goes to show us all just how screwed up this Alignment Realignment Realignment Realignment truly is at it’s core…
Greed over tradition and loyalty…
What a great lesson for our kids.
Unbelievable and so sad in every way.

(Mike) #20

Sadly, Texas playing Rice or SMU was “tradition”. For over 60 years. It’s just that no one cared, especially with the rise of pro football. It’s going to be a rough ride and all bets are off.