Big 12 back in top in recruiting in Texas over the SEC


Let’s see the SEC has one team in Texas. While the Big 12 has 4 teams in Texas. Maybe it’s time for the SEC to think about UH and the city of Houston.


ESPN brass: “We’re having trouble pushing through our advertising price increases on big 12 games. If the bean counters force us to write down our asset due to diminished cash flows, it’ll mean my job and my kid won’t get the GI JOE with the king fu grip!”
Underling: “Sir, how about we inflate the ESPN ratings of the kids already committed to the Big 12 schools in Texas so that the Conference can say that they are winning the recruiting battle vs the CBS’s SEC? Then we can have one of our guys write a puff piece about how the Big 12 is resurgent in the recruiting battle and did awesome in their bowl games this year…etc. Whaddya say?”
ESPN brass: “I love it! You might survive our next round of layoffs. Stick Trotter on that article. He’ll bang out a good one. First round is on me.”

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UT is back. OU is still raking em in and the privates are doing okay.


So much for the Big12 failing mantra 2-3 posters were touting if they didn’t add UH.

what UH can offer other conferences is potential eyeballs on tv. But we can’t Levine or applewhite it. We have to have the sumlins and Herman’s, and now briles, to get a excitement and wins.

All the other stuff is fluff. Every other conference recruits Houston well without even playing a game here

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Its only because we gave them publicity. They managed to take that with them as well. Leaches

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Let’s see if it translates on the field.


Yes, all the other conferences recruit Houston but they do not do it “well”.


The top teams do more than “well” at recruiting Houston and the middle of the pack teams do hit or miss. Oregon state and the jacquizz brothers come to mind and there’s plenty of other Houston kids playing better than well at programs that don’t play near Houston.

The sec is the sec and the big 12 will have a leg up on them when they hire good recruiters and have decent seasons.

Will any other conference as a whole best out the big12 for top Texas and Houston talent regularly, I doubt it. Not with OU and UT and Oklahoma State taking the bulk. Even Baylor has done well post briles.


UH needs to bring a third P5 into the state. I hope they are working those angles.


People forget UT-Austin is a year removed from losing to Kansas with all of their 4 and 5 star recruits. It seems their players are overrated or their program as a whole can’t 'croot.

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Very confused by this statement. Are you talking about our OOC schedule?


Not SEC or Big12.


I think he is talking about trying to get an invite to the PAC, BIG, or ACC

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Ah, P5 conference. I had only P5 team in my head.


I think there are a couple of factors in play here which are hurting the SEC. First, ATM had a coaching change which has negatively effected their recruiting this year. They are sitting at 35th nationally with only 14 commitments. Normally they are in the top 15 with the lions share coming from the state of Texas. If this were a normal year for them (without a coaching change) you could probably add at least 5 additional top 24 players to them. Also, the SEC school which probably recruited the state of Texas the second hardest is Ole Miss and they are now under sanctions from the NCAA and are a complete mess.

I think if this were a normal year and ATM wasn’t in the midst of a coaching change and Ole Miss wasn’t under NCAA sanctions you would probably see the Big12 only reeling in 8 or so of the top 24 players in Texas and they would be whining as always. I think this has more to do with short term changes in the SEC rather than a resurgence of the BIG 12.


UH is never going to the SEC for the same reason FSU, Clemson, Miami, Louisville and GA Tech aren’t: they are located in the current foot print. Florida, A&M, Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky all have one thing in common… they want to maintain their status as the SEC flagship in their respective states. And those schools constitute enough votes to block any new member from joining the league.
Inevitably, someone will respond “But Mississippi, Tennessee & Alabama have two teams in one state.” That’s a holdover from the 1930’s when conference affiliation was based on proximity and not television. If the SEC were remaking itself today, it would not have two teams in anyone one state.


That’s all good but Texas is to big for only one team in SEC.

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One would think UH should be a lock for the SEC – with Aggies. Enrollment. Recruiting. TV. Academics. Geography. We simply have never demonstrated the fan support that they require. It’s about attendance…unequivocal alumni support…all sports…good teams or poor.

Not a Houston thing. Look back on the posters who said they were boycotting games. Look at the CMA haters. Look at the Ferttita haters. Even the RK haters.

P5? Hmmmmmmmmmm.


Now that Aggie is in what would UH offer the SEC?

Not more cable tv money because Aggie secures that.

For SEC schools: Even before Aggie joined SEC schools recruited Houston well. Even without playing a game in the area B1G schools recruit well in the Houston area and Texas overall so having a presence in an area isn’t necessary if you have a great staff.
for UH: it would definitely benefit UH recruiting but the question is what would adding us benefit the SEC

What does being against applewhite or briles or renu or fertita have to do with it? Louisville fans did similar against their bad coaches and corrected their problems and it turned out well. Current SEC schools did similar and it hasn’t hurt them. See LSU and Dinardo

As for the rest, you’re spot on and decades of inept leadership has kept attendance low. It’s slowly coming around.

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He is talking about unequivocal support for the school. Our fanbase looks for every reason not to attend. It is okay to voice your displeasure or opinion. But if you truly support the university and the athletes that represent, it should not stop you from attending.

Compare to A&M. Don’t think for a minute there were not a lot of Aggies upset about the following:

1.) Hiring of Sumlin
2.) The way pricing and seating rankings went down when the stadium was renovated.

Lot of complaints. It does not stop them from showing up.
7 - 5 seasons year after year. They complain, but they show up.

It really is have a core fanbase that is strong and supports in good times and bad, That is more and more becoming the deal maker or breaker.