Big 12 Football: 5 best current candidates for conference expansion

1. Houston Cougars

Current Conference: American Athletic Conference

Location: Houston, TX

It would be such a natural fit if the move was made for Big 12 football to have the Houston Cougars football program added to the mix. Houston has former West Virginia head coach and Oklahoma State Cowboys offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen leading the way after he made that shocking move to sign there over the offseason.

And Houston brings an exciting offense to the table that will be led by to-be redshirt senior star quarterback D’Eriq King next season. A former Longhorns transfer, fourth-year running back Kyle Porter, also made his way to join Houston over the offseason via the transfer portal.

While it’s not realistic to expect Houston to be annexed into the Big 12 by the start of next season, having King with that program for one more year would add even more excitement. Recruiting should only improve for the Cougars from here. And the Longhorns head coach Tom Herman really saw his coaching career take off during his brief stint at Houston.

Houston might be the most logical addition to the Big 12. It would also be easy for this conference to bring in two schools like Houston and SMU. The conference would truly be run out of the state of Texas then and the two biggest areas for talent to develop here would be fully at the mercy of the Big 12.

I think it sounds good, especially coming from a UT news site, but unrealistic. If the opportunity arises, UH will jump to it.


Since UT is still struggling a bit, it comes as no big surprise that they might want to recreate the SWC as the Big12 South (UT, TT, UH, TCU, SMU, Baylor) and the Big 8 as the Big12 North (OU, Ok State, Kansas, K State, Iowa St, West Virginia).

They likely think that playing against teams in Dallas and Houston would help with B12 recruiting and help them rebuild the UT brand. Their two biggest problems would likely be (i) getting approval of North teams and (ii) sharing the $$$.


With the addition of UH, would it bring in $60M? Probably not unless they are going to get the Big 12 Network but I do think TDECU will be sold out most games.

Conversely, if UT and OU were both to leave the B12 in a few of years, then what kind of media rights deal can the remainder get - maybe $8-10 million/year like the new AAC deal?

So if you’re TT or OSU, do you admit a couple teams in your primary recruiting markets and accept a little less $$$ to help secure your future in a P5 conference? Or do you risk it all and hope for the best?

Also, if UH & SMU were to make a move together to the PAC, then how many top recruits from the greater Houston & Dallas areas would consider going to PAC schools rather than Big12 schools - even if UT & OU decide to stay in the Big12?

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The reasoning was atrocious.

The big 12 should add us because we hired Dana holgerson and because we will be exciting next year with king at quarterback?

Pretty lazy article.


No after 2016, no! Like getting left at alter.


Maybe they have seen the error of their 2016 decision and now want us. That doesn’t make sense. :smile:

The B12 will only want us if another conference wants us first.


Insert -Sports writer needs a job and so writes a meaningless article, with no actual news, about realignment because it will generate clicks- caveat here.


Exactly. Same with the media coverage. CBS, Fox and NBC are all ticked at ESPN for picking up the AAC for additional cash flow. You snooze you lose! :joy:


Not clicking on it.

We don’t bring $40 million a year to the XII. They aren’t taking a paycut to add us. The time to add us would have been a)instead of TCU or b)back in 2016 when they “looked” at expansion.

The SWC/Texas conference doesn’t work. We won’t ever be in the XII as long as Texas/OU are in it. Our best bet is either a)PAC-16 or b) XII without Texas/OU and I would argue our chances of getting into the BIG (very slim) are higher than our chances of getting into the current XII.


I didn’t see or read any evidence of that.

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Well much like implying that the Big 12 would only take us if another conference wants us, I was simply assuming. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be upset. They missed out, and dividends will show it.

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I ALWAYS stated our best choice is the Big12 … for YEARS now …

As for OU/UT … I also stated … one is leaving and the other is NOT … regardless of the pending expiring GORs

Andrew Miller BTW is an OklaSt alum … writing for the horns … but his credentials seem valid …

AND YES this article is JUST an opinion … but it is ALSO a catalyst to stir THE POT … especially as the writer stated … the Big12 champion gets lock out of the 4 team playoffs … and based on the latest candidates chosen last night … none of the Big12 teams are even close …


I only said that because the B12 wasn’t interested in TCU until they were already going to the Big East.

Would UH switch to the B12 that includes UT/OU after committing to the PAC12?


I think you’re close but it has to be UT leaving in my mind. If UT leaves and OU stays, you can now get the B12 Network that will more than make up, monetarily, for the loss of UT.

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Oh ok gotcha. I didn’t see the TCU reference.

I hope not. Any conference that has horn in it spells drama. No thanks, but if we do,I hope we whip their behinds yearly!


The Big 12 wasn’t interested in TCU until A&M announced they were leaving for the SEC. If A&M hadn’t left for the SEC, there is zero chance that TCU would be in the Big 12.


You make a valid point Dave. I too believe that the intention of the writer is to stir up the pot in case uta leaves. That would then open the door for our invite in order to replace uta with a major media & interest market. The pro uta working ants will never admit that we are the third best Texas supported University.
The real question in all of this is how tight uta and okie are joined at the hip? For many years we have read, heard and see that they despise each other. History tells us that this is the complete opposite. Why would they despise each other so much but they are still in the same conference?

Too bad the SWC couldn’t hold on. Was it really that bad when compared to SEC? Why couldnt the great state of Texas manage its own regional high level conference?

Was it short sighted treachery and greed the main reason? I feel like if we could have just held on we might have been “the confernce” or at least one of the biggest of the bigs.

I’ll leave it to the older and wiser to chime in.

OP - Thanks for the article!

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The SWC had too many mouths to feed that didn’t bring any food to the TV table. TCU, SMU, Rice and Baylor are all small (or extremely small) private schools. The problem with private schools is that they don’t have a huge base of engaged fans unless there is a strong religious connection like BYU or Notre Dame. Baptists and Methodists don’t care about Baylor or SMU sports.