Big 12 football off to a disastrous start

If Texas can’t pull out this game with Cal, the Big 12 will be a bonafide dumpster fire.


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Wow, what an ending to that UT ballgame. Can’t believe Strong punted with 1:30 to go and only 2 timeouts and then on 3rd down the Cal RB busts through and drops the ball at the one yard line. However, refs called it a TD and on review, since the whistle blew before a UT player picked the ball up, they gave Cal the ball on the 1. Ball Game and Cal wins 50-43.

Big 12 only has 2 undefeated teams left, West Virginia and Baylor, and the conference may not have a shot at the playoff at this point.

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WVA plays @OKSt and @UT … the rest of the REAL toughies they have at home and easier teams away.

Baylor plays @UT @OU and @WVA and not likely they will go undefeated.

Add to this the no expansion possibility and they be considered the F-Troop of DivI football after all the hype and drama of selecting over 20 candidates for admission …

Maybe the presidents will clear their heads and reconsider their impasse … like that final scene from On The Beach

There is still time … brother …

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Read the comments. People from ALL OVER the country hammering this tool.

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It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that on Thursday Houston overcame a difficult road challenge at Cincinnati in a game that would have made a nice Big 12 opener. But now it’s time cue the jokes, like wondering if joining the Big 12 might water down Houston’s and Cincinnati’s brands.


Savage AF.

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Awesome quote and gif!

After dismal first three weeks, Big 12’s playoff hopes all but doomed

Barring mass implosions elsewhere across the landscape, the Big 12 seems destined to become the first Power 5 conference to miss out on the playoff twice. It all started with the league’s two flagships, who failed to carry the Big 12 banner during this nonconference period the way other Power 5 blue-bloods have carried theirs.

So far, AAC out-performing Big 12

_So far, the American boasts the fourth-best winning percentage (.724) of the nation’s 10 D-I conferences. The league’s 21-8 overall record includes a 6-7 mark against Power Five programs, and a 2-1 mark against the Big 12. _

Speaking of the Big 12? It’s 15-11 (.577) at this point, with four Power Five triumphs including in-conference matchups. Outside its conference, the Big 12 is 3-6 against Power Five foes.

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