Big 12 Football: Top 5 expansion candidates for the conference


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"Why would it want to go after a fifth at a time when conferences are looking to expand their geographic footprints?

One compelling reason is that conferences are looking to expand their geographic footprint into specific regions. Situated at the intersection between the eastern and western halves of the country, Texas schools are coveted by every league hoping to grow. Every quality school that the Big 12 locks up in the Lone Star State is one that isn’t joining one of its rival conferences.

And make no mistake, Houston definitely fits the bill as a quality school."

Well Said !

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Fudge that conference. I want to destroy it. I swear if we’d get into the SEC we would sooooo become the Bane of the “big 12.”


What if.
What if the B12 had the courage to be bold and move to 14 teams to match the BIG, ACC, and SEC. What 4 schools should they add? I think they should add UH, UCF, USF, and Cincy. This would shore up their presence in south east Texas, give them a real presence in Florida, and give WV a partner.

On the other hand, what if the PAC grew a pair and added New Mexico right now that would put them in a position to go after other teams in the B12 when it collapses after UT and OU leave.


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We should try to get BYU. The Big XII will dissolve soon enough leaving scraps like BU, KU, ISU. It will have no blue-bloods and get deals less than the AAC.

This is just someone’s plan at the Network to cripple the AAC yet again. We get three Top 25 ranked teams and they worry they will have to shell out bucks for a conference without blue-bloods. Because THAT is what is important.

Can’t have AAC teams knocking off FSU or Auburn in the Peach Bowl every year…it gives the AAC credibility and worth.

So they take UL and Rutgers. Now they position to take another couple teams. And when the Big XII collapses there will be 9 teams without a home or worth in Football.

Eff the Big XII


Those 3 are still way more valuable to a conference than Tulane, Tulsa, ECU, Temple, UConn. Whether you like it or not, Kansas is more valuable than any team in the AAC. If OU&UT leave, the Big 12 will fill with the best from the AAC, not the other way around. Even if 2 or 3 more left, the Big 12 would still be a better landing spot taking the top half of the AAC there.

I’ll take TCU and Texas Tech in our division instead of Tulane and Tulsa.

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Well, going to the B12 would definitely be more appealing if it had no UT.


After what happened that conference pulled in 2016, I am not even listening anymore. If they come calling, I hope Pezman works them over real good.


If the B12 comes calling and they are the only ones then we accept. If we have choices then we will make the choice that will give us the most long term stability.

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Oh he will. Trust me on that.

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Give the Big XII five years without a blue blood in the conference and KU, ISU, BU etc all become UConn.

The only reason to really jump is if there is enough money left on the expiring TV contract.

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Like Twiggy used to say, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

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I assume you’re working under the assumption that we have options, because right now we don’t. Big talk is all fine and good, but the big 12 and everyone else knows how much leverage we currently have…zero.


Basically what we jumped into with the Big East, they had some expiring deals which were better and a better overall group of teams. Not saying it would be a guaranteed top 4 conference, but it would surely be the 5th best and keep the P5 going for the short term at least. It can easily be a conference that is top to bottom better than the ACC. The only real blue blood in that conference is Florida St. If we are talking with OK State still in the Big 12, then I think it would be the 4th best conference. TCU, Ok St, UCF, USF finished top 25 with Iowa St being in it most of the year and Kansas St/West Virginia right outside. Houston expecting to be a top 25 team every year and either Cincy or Memphis could be another.

Kansas is in a different league in terms of basketball so they will always be valuable. Iowa St is a wild card and so is K-State, those might be two programs that struggle without an OU/UT or jump to the top of the conference in both sports like a Louisville (before scandals). I’m all for kicking Baylor out though.


My not listening doesn’t mean I think we shouldn’t join if offered. It means I am not following the topic because of what happened in 2016 where they totally played with us.

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Gotcha, ok well then consider my objections withdrawn.


The B12 isn’t talking. This is just a wish piece by a UCF fanzine.


Ugh…not this BS again.

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It’s off season silliness time. BIG12 expansion is a water is wet debate around here.