Biggest AAC worry


Well, how much money does Ohio State or Michigan make from their Big Network 3rd Tier rights compared to what UT gets from the Longhorn network?


I doubt it’s $15M per year.


And how much federal funding does Ohio State and Michigan get for collaborative federal research programs as a part of the Big?

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OU can probably get in to the SEC whenever it wants. Oklahoma State would be the real sticking point.

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When the earth starts to rotate from east to west and thus the sun “rises” in the west, then the PAC12 will dominate the headlines and east coast will suffer.

Of course, all media would have to relocate. ESPN would be a perfect fit in San Francisco.


What market can West Virginia bring with a population that is approximately 1/4 of the Houston metro? You think all of the east coast states surrounding West Virginia actually care about the University of West Virginia? I lived in Maryland for many years, nobody there cared about West Virginia! Most people think of the state as home to country hicks!

West Virginia produces too few football talents to open any kind of market for football talents or fan base of value to the Big 12-2! West Virginia is a taker of football talents, not a giver!

The only reason the Big 12-2 took W. Virginia over UH is because all of the schools in the Big 12-2 (UT included) were scared as heck that if they let UH into the Big 12-2 then UH would be too much of a force to be reckoned with! They were afraid UH would take many of the top recruits in the Houston metro and probably in some other surrounding areas as well!

Many of the Big 12-2 former and present coaches and administrators even said so themselves! They went out of their way to warn their schools to make sure to not allow UH in or else they would have to face a big cat on a level playing field without all the advantages of bigger revenues and media exposure that they were enjoying over UH!

I read somewhere a Big 12-2 official said that every time they did a study to find the best qualified candidate to join the Big 12-2 UH actually came in as #1! But the fear of UH being too much of a threat to UT and OU was too great for those two decision-makers to take a chance on and so they opted for W. Virginia since they felt that that school was a much lesser threat to the two top dogs! This was especially true after they saw what UH did to Florida State, Louisville, and OU! The mindsets of these schools were: “If they could whoop the asses of top 10 Power 5 schools as a G5 school, imagine what they could do if they were in the same position as us as a Power 5 school!”


Just like the UH vs OU game. Any UH vs AM or UT game would be epic for fans of football.


Yeah, that explains why UH whipped Florida State, Louisville, and OU as a G5, right? Are you saying UH would be at an even greater disadvantage as a Power 5 to compete against these other Power 5? If UH whipped their asses as a G5, what makes you think it can’t as a Power 5? Heck, it only took Herman 1 year to whip their asses! — and that was while we were still a G5 at that!


We gave Oregon and Miami and South Carolina all they wanted when we were in cusa. Had Miami beat too.


I think what he’s saying is that UH wouldn’t have the luxury of the opposing team overlooking them on the schedule. Put another way, UH wouldn’t be able to play the “our opponents disrespect us” card.

Look at what happened when TCU got called up to join the Big 12 from the Mountain West. Their winning percentage dropped from 88% in seven season of MWC football to 64% in seven seasons of Big 12 membership.

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The trolls keep coming just like the Energizer bunny. Uta, ou, okystate and others are beyond scared. It makes no business sense to exclude U of H from the small12. None what so ever but it makes 23 years of perfect sense due to our potential. Keep coming trolls. You obviously are scared too so you have to spend your invaluable time on Coogfans. Karma does exist.


I don’t think TCU appreciate being part of the Power5 as much as UH would nor do I think they have as big of a hunger for that Power5 status and all that it brings as much as UH does! No other schools have been put down as badly as UH is nor for as long! I think UH has a higher potential to being great than TCU does! I think once UH is allowed into the Power5, it would unleash its fury! — which is exactly what those Big 12-2 schools are afraid of! Of course, this is all my opinions! But they are likely to happen!


UH would be on another level. The recruits we would get, money for facility upgrades, money to keep/ hire great coaches etc. we have a higher ceiling in a power 5 ( than tcu) because of our location, recruits/tv market.


Maybe not Clemson but Fl State and Miami, yes.


No doubt about it, brother! I used to say this to those Bonghorns trolls at the Houston Chronicle who kept on saying if UH were in their conference those Big 12-2 schools would have a field day at tearing the Coogs apart!

I told them if they allowed UH into the Big 12-2 then UH would get better coaches, recruits, and facilities and would definitely be able to compete with the UT’s and OU’s of the world and they just attacked me incessantly and scoffed at me as some delusional Cougar High! They attacked UH so badly and in such great numbers that even the Houston Chronicle writer, a guy by the name of Campbell (I forgot his first name), ended up defending UH and felt embarrassed by his fellow UT alumni! Needless to say, when UH beat Florida State, Louisville, and OU I felt validated!

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Barry Switzer said that he did not think adding UH to the Big 12 is a good idea and gave the reasons you quoted.

The real driver of expansion is money. If the networks had opened up the check books for the addition of UH, that was all the support needed.

Now with Alston opening a new can of worms, maximizing revenue is taking on even more urgency. If adding UH raises a conference payout sufficiently (i.e. cover travel costs and leave a nice chunk left over), you can bet they’ll be rolling out the red carpet ASAP.

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Week in and week out, the Coogs would not be able to compete for a title the first 2-3 years until they built up some depth. In 2016, Coogs beat OK and Louisville, but lost to Navy, SMU, Memphis and San Diego State in the bowl game. They have (1) title in the AAC over how many years, and you think they are going to compete for a title the first few years with Clemson, Miami, Duke, North Carolina, etc???Come on man…stop drinking the cooooooooo aid…


Keep coming homers.


So what that proved? Power5 is a myth? If UH could beat OU and Louisville, two top 5 teams, but lost to completely unranked conference mates, then that just proved my point anything can happen, especially once UH has gained the funds and exposure that it needs to compete with the big boys!

FYI, UH could have beaten Miami, Duke and North Carolina in 2016! Who knows, after 3 years of getting top recruits and a coaching staff that wasn’t already looking to bolt to UT or LSU, UH could have been a very tough opponent for Clemson as well! That is the definition of “competing!”

Even Herman said numerous times, we could compete with anybody, especially once we get more depth in our second and third strings. That is simply a matter of 2-3 years of recruiting at a Power5 level with the money, staff, and facilities to make it happen. Why would it take any longer if your team is already competing at a high level as a G5? It’s not like Clemson would be able to amass 10 years of football talents against a UH team that is just starting out! Within 3-4 years nearly all D1 college teams, especially Power5 teams, are going to lose their players anyway and start over with new recruits.

It didn’t take TCU a half dozen years to kick asses in the Big 12-2 once it was accepted into the Big 12-2, did it?

You don’t know any more than me! Just because I have confidence in my school and like to think positively doesn’t make my opinion any more wrong than yours! You don’t think that a school that demolished OU and Louisville, two top 5 schools at the time, could compete with Miami, Duke, and North Carolina? You have an inferiority complex! Or simply extremely pessimistic!


Uh… except Louisville didn’t finish in the top 15 in 2016 let alone the top 5.