Biggest AAC worry

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They may be your Texas; but they sure aren’t my Texas.

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That’s what the SWC thought. We were supposed to be another TT, and give UT and Arkansas another quality win every year; but never actually contending fo the championship, much less wining it.

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This is a home board, I would assume most are homers – as they should be.


Given our record in the SWC, they were right.

However I don’t think we were invited into the SWC to be as mediocre as we turned out to be.

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You mean after the SWC folded and Helton took over ?? Because that is how it actually happened.


No, i was talking about having winning seasons within the conference only 50% of the time we were in the SWC


Well, having winning seasons 50% of the time in a multi-team conference “ain’t too bad”! And, winning the championship 3 out of the first 4 years of membership is even better.


Of course no one has mentioned the number of CUSA championships and AAC Championships we have on the wall. Wait…

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Three but should have been four. Thanks, Scumlin…

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and with uta and atm conspiring with the ncaa to put us on probation. We in fact have never had the opportunity to fully perform at our highest potential for a significant amount of time. I have no doubt that within a few years after getting into a P5 we could win the so called National Championship.
Have you noticed the number of trolls that keeps coming to Coogfans? They are scared that we get in. That is why the “fruit flies” keep coming back.


They were top 5 when UH beat them. Who cares how they ended up? UH doesn’t control that. Their quarterback ended up going on to win the heisman too. By the way, what school do you support? Just curious, since it’s obvious that you’re not a UH fan.

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Ok so we won it 3 out of the first 4 years, then what? What happened In the final 4 years of the conference? What has happened since? Those who argue that UH will dominate any P5 once it has P5 resources and exposure fail to accept that UH has dominated no one in the past 20 years.

All G5 programs suffer the same handicaps, and on that level playing field, why isn’t UH dominating? Why isn’t UH winning AAC football championships?

I think the argument that P5 members are afraid of UH potential makes no sense when you take into account UHs performance as a G5 member.

UH deserves a place in the P5, as do several other universities. UH is a large university in a massive market that while it does not fully own that market, it can help any conferemce improve it’s exposure and recruiting in that market. UH brings a lot to any conference, which justifies its inclusion, but to say it will dominate any P5 within a few years of joining, is not backed up by facts.

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Wow…You sound so angry and bitter…Get a grip.

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TCU conference record since joining the Big 12

2012 4-5
2013 2-7
2014 8-1
2015 7-2
2016 4-5
2017 7-2
2018 4-5

That’s really kicking some “asses” in the conference. 7 years and winning % is 57 in conference. As I said, and I will say again, it will take the Coogs 2-3 years to build some depth on their football team to compete for a title in the ACC.


I would argue that we hadn’t sustained dominance in those conferences because every time we would have a semblance of success, our coach would be poached and we would have to start all over again. We didn’t have the benefit of keeping Briles or Sumlin or Herman for ten years each and having stability. When Boise dominated, they had the benefit of a coach who stayed there for a long period of time. Same with Patterson at TCU.

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Since 2000 UH has had 7 coaches, 3 were fired and 3 left for supposedly greener pastures.

UCF has had 4 coaches in the same time period only 1 was fired. 1 resigned (essentially fired after an 0-8 start) 1 left for Nebraska.

Id say UH coaching issues are as much the fault of the university as coaches leaving to go to P5 programs.


Yeah, some didn’t work out. Oh well. But the ones that did either won conference championships or at least had us playing in the conference championship game. If we could just continue with that path, better things would have probably come about. All that while having crappy facilities and a crappy viewed conference and apathetic administration and apathy from fans due to those three factors. Our administration, facilities and conference are better now. We just need a coach with success who will stay and sustain that success. All signs look good so far with Holgorsen. Hopefully he wins.


I don’t care what UCF did. I can’t compare their situation with UH. Two completely different situations in those time periods.


UCF has to be taken into account because any third party is going to see all the success Ucf has had turning potential into actual production while watching UH shoot itself in the foot and blame its fate on everyone but ourselves.


Who else am I blaming but ourself? I just stated three main reasons why UH sucked. But even despite those reasons, we found three who could have some success with those setbacks. We just couldn’t keep them.