Bilas Index: The best 68, high ceilings and where wins really matter

(Patrick) #1

53. Houston Cougars
The Cougars can hit perimeter shots. Leading scorer Rob Gray (21.5 PPG) is hitting on 45 percent of his 3s, up from 38 percent a year ago and 34 percent the year before that.

(Patrick) #2

(David) #3

Just noticed that UH will play Wichita State twice, Temple and Providence in a span of 1 month (Dec 20 to Jan 20). We will know a lot more about this team by the end of January (at Cincy on 1/31).

(Charles) #4

This team is so much better than 53 in the land. They will take off come January I predict. I’m guessing top 25.

(Patrick) #5

One thing about Wichita State, South Dakota State may have shown the keys to success against the Shockers the other night: three point shooting, up tempo play, and not turning the ball over. Coogs have been good at all three (with the exception of yesterday’s turnovers vs Fairfield) so if the threes are falling, Coogs have a good chance of pulling off an upset.

Saw that WSU has won 23 in a row at home. Be nice if we could break that streak.