Bill Connelly's Top 100 College Football Games

Coogs had a lot of games on his list last year as we played quite a few nailbiters as well as good games like the FSU bowl game. This year, we didn’t have as many, but we did still have 3 - 1 we won, 2 we didn’t.

59. OCT. 8: NAVY 46, HOUSTON 40

58. OCT. 15: HOUSTON 38, TULSA 31

57. NOV. 25: MEMPHIS 48, HOUSTON 44

How does UH dismantling OU and Louisville not make the list??? Especially the Louisville game where they were exposed and decimated?

Mainly because they weren’t close. Connelly shoots for tight contests.

UH was obviously too lucky in those games, they don’t count

The Louisville game was crap to the casual or unbiased avid college fan. One of the best games I’ve been to, but crap to the non Coog.

OU could have been on that list.

Don’t know that I can agree with this. When the story line was a potential playoff appearance for Louisville and their people were actually passing out Heisman literature in the press box, I think the “casual or unbiased avid college fan” watched the entirety of that game with their jaw hitting the floor. That wasn’t the case of an underdog squeaking out a lucky win. It was a case of an enormous underdog curb stomping the #5 team in the country for the entire 60 minutes. No one watched us sack LJ 11 times and said, “this game was total uninteresting crap.” At least no “avid college fan” did.


You just disagreed with my by stating it was a huge upset but that it was a butt whooping (aka lousy game).

Well, I suppose if you consider all blow outs to be lousy games, then I guess it was lousy by your standard. Just don’t think the typical avid fan thinks that way. I think underdogs blowing out the favorite is pretty interesting. But to each his own.

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