Bit of TV news

Big boy CBS will televise the AAC semis and final this year.

This past year, the semis were on ESPN2 and the final was on ESPN.

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Huge news as we’ll be the lead-in for the Selection Show on CBS now as well as get the Semis on CBS as well.

Big step up for the conference.


Great exposure, I assume more money too. This can only help in the Power 6 push. Now, UH just needs to show up big.

Negative. ESPN gets more money. The AAC doesn’t.

This is a one-off deal. The Big 10 is holding their conference tournament a week early, because they’re playing it at Madison Square Garden this year, and the Big East already had MSG booked for the week leading up to Selection Sunday.

CBS licensed the games from ESPN to fill the void. We go back to ESPN in 2019.

BTW, this is a benefit of having Wichita State in our conference.


Well, it is an opportunity. Let’s hope the Coogs and the conference makes the most of it.

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