Blackwell as Co-OC / QB

(David) #1

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(Ben) #2

CoOC/ QB Coach now when he was originally reported to be RB coach . If he is that position it seems to me Dawson is out or it may be an incorrect tweet regarding his assigned position title.

(Jimmy Morris) #3

I was looking at this hire in particular. He was a solid QB in college but for some reason hasn’t coached QB’s since 2011. Tough to judge a performance based on 3 years, one school, one QB. However B.J. Daniels numbers were no better as a Junior than as a redshirt Freshman. I guess count this as Blackwell’s second chance as a QB coach?

(Ben) #4

List Dawson as a offensive assistant and Clements still as our Ol/run game coordinator

(Jimmy Morris) #5

All of that is already posted on other threads. :slight_smile: