Bleacher Report has us at #24 for early 2019 rankings


lol interesting

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It is bleacher report…but we return almost everyone back on offense. There is no reason to think we could be even better on that side of the ball. Especially our recieving corps.


CDH did say that S&C coach is top of the list


Good! We were extremely soft and that isn’t Coog football! I’ll echo what many have already said, I hope Jackson is on the list!


OK, so I’m a loyal coog fan but I think we are being over-rated. Our defense could possibly give up more points per game. If the defense surprises me (and most everyone else) I think we can crack the top 25 by year end if we beat two of three between OU, WSU, and USF, and and whoever else in conference turns out to be good next year.

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Defense will be huge…few returnees and the unit was awful this past year. Players will have to buy into the new system and guys will have to step up. There’s talent on that side of the ball, just needs to be utilized properly.


Wow. It only tells me how much clout Dana must be carrying.


We had a ton of injuries but I don’t think our next DC will be as bad(prior to the injury bug and every season before) as Donofrio at situational football and adjustments. I think 24 might be a bit too high as well. However, If CDH want’s to bring that chip back to our football program, then a preseason ranking wouldn’t matter because he’d have them hungry regardless.


Still don’t understand why the drastic drop off from the number one unit to the 2’s and 3’s? Its as though they were not coached, not involved at all. They appeared so lost when called up! I imagine that with a quality staff/coaching/returning players/recovery from injury/ perhaps a good recruit or two and we should be vastly better.




Against complicated offenses, I get this, but against Army, there is no excuse. Triple-o is not hard to defend but it requires discipline and many reps in practice of making the correct read and getting to your spot fast. They just weren’t well coached to defend that offense.

Like pray said, we do have talent at LB and DE and I think Sprewell is ready to take it to the next level. I don’t like Anderson’s run support. DT is a big problem. I just don’t think we’ve have the guys to play a 3-4 as our base D. We’ll get blown out by whoever wants to run inside. Let’s hope the DC watches Temple and Memphis film and figures out how to stop those inside gashes with the people we have.

I remember a story from the early days of the NFL when the Packers were about to play the Bears. A reporter asked the Packer coach (not Lombardi) how he planned on stopping Bears’ fullback Bronco Nagurski. His answer “With a shotgun as he comes out of the locker room.” That’s kind of where we are when it comes to stopping a good team’s inside running game.

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The good news here is that yes while we may be losing alot on defense our entire defense this year got vaulable playing time/experience. So with the right coach we could easily become a very good defense.


Good point by NOCoog. If you think back to the Navy and ECU games, after we build up good leads and brought in the reserves, both Navy and ECU put up a couple of quick scores. When you look at the bowl game it was more of the same for 60 minutes.


So it looks like Bleacher Report is estimating we lose one game. A G5 team at #24 means they lost one game. If that is so, how can UCF be ranked #13 with one loss to us? I wonder which team do they think we are losing, OU or Wazzu?


Probably OU. Regardless of Wazzu’s “P5” conference affiliation, our talent is comparable to theirs. What’s even more telling is that a former AAC QB set a Pac 12 record in the Alamo Bowl this year.


This is why the DC, and CDH has echoed that position is very important. That’s why the UH donors & Fertitta open up their pockets.