Blue stripes 2017

I was wondering what the stripe meant. I noticed it on Grant Stuart’s helmet. The video doesn’t say what it means.


At the University of Houston, newcomers to the football program will try to lose their stripes during the next three weeks.

As preseason camp began Friday, all transfers and true freshmen had a thin blue stripe that runs over the middle of the helmet.

The goal is to have the stripe removed when they have proved themselves in practice.

“They have to earn the right to get that stripe torn off their helmet and basically officially become a member of this football team,” UH first-year head coach Tom Herman said.

Herman and his coaching staff will decide if a player is worthy of losing his stripes, at which time it will occur in front of the entire team at the end of practice.


This “tradition” stuck from the Tom Herman era and it’s one I really like.

I do NOT think Grant’s will be on very long.

I came to this thread expecting to see some fans going crazy about blue not being a team color.


Sir you will not lose your blue stripe anytime soon with that attitude! :grin:


I think we should implement a blue stripe on this sites users and after 90 days voted by admins if we should remove it? Thoughts?


How many users are active enough for an educated decision on stripe removal?

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In an effort to get more traffic from digest I think we should promote ideas like this. The digest or 24 has been using cyber tools to draw traffic from coogfans by using search engine and Sco strategies. An example is if you type coogfans into search engine it will bring up digest and not

I just won’t go to that site because the manager of it has an agenda and it’s not in the best interest of UH. We must recapture that traffic and we will via creativity. So I am open to suggestions.

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I like the idea, but I just think it should more be a review after X number of posts, not X number of days. I am thinking around 10-15 posts, which should be enough to show quality.

Great idea. Let me get that started.

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There’s a thread on this with a related idea in the feedback section.

Just a suggestion.

Yep, he’s all about himself.

Couldn’t find the audio from him that you asked for awhile back. I do remember him saying that about Herman back when he was mainly pushing Aggie stuff over on Rivals. Lot of people turned on him on that site when he did. I’ll keep looking though.

Speaking of…


Those were true freshmen. One was Stuard, judging by the hair

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That was quite battle. Back and forth for a long time. According to the roster the Offensive guy was Tre’von Bradley.

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Very cool to see.

Consider my eyes peeled on Ellis Jefferson. :eye::eye:

Called it! Grant’s Stripe is OFF!

Grant Stuard & Davion Mitchell

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