Bo Alexander, Tight End. Coming to a game near you!

Did anyone else notice a mystery tight end, number 48 last Saturday? I saw him when he went in motion from the Rice side to the UH side. I didn’t know we had a number 48 TE so I looked it up. You have to go to the official stats and he’s also listed in the UH/AZ game notes as number 48/65, TE/OL.

I want to see King hit him on a slant over the middle and watch some poor soul try to tackle a 285lb TE. Bo may even have his own package!

Roster is on page 13.

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He was probably used to add size for blocking on the play. CAB would use Volmer at fullback to block at times. This is what I enjoy about these guys because they use their personnel to their advantage and let them make plays.

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Did Volmer wear a different number when he lined up at Fullback and was he officially listed at FB/OL?

Looks like the rule is that a player has to wear a number below 50 to be eligible to purposely touch the ball on offense (exception for tackle eligible plays).

More than likely, Bo is in their for extra blocking as @Lovetherock pointed out, but that may be something to watch later in the season.

So I’ll keep looking for that pass!

What about WR their #s usually in 80s

Sorry about that, 50-79 is the rule.

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