Boise goes down, now what?

Western Michigan needs to lose one, and they still have Toledo and their Championship game.

We have to win our conference, because we ain’t getting an at-large bid. I don’t care if we beat Louisville. We won’t sniff the top 12.

Navy has to lose two more. The three-way tie possibility is out the window. In a three-way tie, the first tie-breaker after head-to-head is intra-division record. We lost to two division rivals. Navy’s loss was to an East division team. Even if they lose to Tulsa, that is only one loss in the West.

If Navy loses two, we need Tulsa to lose one more, and we would take the head-to-head.

Navy schedule:


Tulsa schedule:


Then, we might have to travel (most likely) for the Championship game to Temple (has head-to-head vs USF) or South Florida (if Temple loses). If they both lose one more, we could possibly host as the highest ranked team or better overall record.

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Easy …

Lets stop worrying about the NY6 bowl … we ARE NOT GOING TO ONE …

I suspect there will be a large gathering of teams at the top of both divisions of our conference …

The chumpy bowls associated with our conference will probably decide who they want the AAC to play from another chumpy G5 conference … zzzzz … the Sun Belt champ or CUSA or some bottom dweller from the SEC …

Until we move to a P5 then we are stuck with the toilet bowls of DivIA G5s… be they American Standard or Toto.

Sorta reminds me of all those weddings I have attended … the lesser guest (G5’s) are sent to the kiddie tables to fight it out with the munchkins for the good seats while the privileged get the table cloth area and good food.

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You left the game early, didn’t you. Optimism is a beautiful thing.

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If we win out and everything happens for us to win the conference, I think we jump Western Michigan anyway. That would be two top 10 wins for us.

Western Michigan has arrived. Lol at Renu’s comments.

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