Boise State-BYU

BYU D has the Cougs in the lead late in the 1st half, 17-14.

Another turnover and BYU has it in Boise territory.

And they can’t score. BYU’s Oline is awful.

Boise with the TD right before half to regain the lead.

BYU’s Hill couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn at 10 yards … his throwing technique is terrible worse than Tebow.

He is 5 for 16 … their scoring has come on two pick 6’s

The mt. cougars are fortunate to be down only 4 … it could have been worse.

Has Hill regressed since he played us?

Yes, injuries have taken their toll on him. However, their offense isn’t helping him out much. Ton of dropped balls and the line gives him little time.

Great lob and catch there by BYU to get to the 1 and then a TD by Hill to put them in the lead.

Another Boise turnover on the dropped punt. That’s 4 for the game now. BYU in deep Boise territory.

And BYU goes backwards and has to punt.

And another fumble as the receiver is stripped on 3rd down. 5th turnover. Still deep in Boise territory.

End of the 3rd. 24-21 BYU.

If BYU had an offense…

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BYU field goal puts them up 6.

I sure hate that dirty BYU…but I hope they pull this one out.

TD Boise State

BYU driving at the end of the game down 1

Boise blocks the 44 yard FG with 15 seconds left, but BYU recovers with 7 seconds left.

That FG decision was…a little curious.

Same guy that went for a fake punt from his own endzone on a 4th and 19.

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