BOOM! 2019 JUCO OLB Terrance Edgeston Commits to UH! (Update: Signed)

(Alfred Matthews) #1

We recruited him to play the OLB position opposite the “BUCK” position.

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(Patrick) #2

Hell yeah. Good pickup.

Kid came in this weekend, we offered, and he committed two days later. Solid job.

(Alfred Matthews) #3

If we can get Myles Tapusoa (Oliver’s replacement next year) and Dreshun Miller (hopefully he does not like Texas Tech and LSU) in the Juco ranks I would consider this class a success and we can fill out the remaining class with whoever we like.

(Patrick) #4

Add a few O-Linemen after that and we should be good.

(Patrick) #5

Sounds like Edgeston will be here in the spring.


Any high school info like recruiting rankings, etc?

(Patrick) #7

Wasn’t rated in high school. Went to Falkner High School in Mississippi. Played some Strong Safety and OLB. 247 has him as a 3* recruit.

Last year, he played in 8 games as a freshman, made 32 tackles and 2 TFL.

(Brad) #8

Bill Snyder built Kansas State into a nationally relevant program by focusing on Juco. I love what Major is doing by looking at Juco and transfers. Genius.


Sounds like one of the top juco players in the country. Nice!

(Mike Higdon) #10

#6 juco LB in the country.

(PMM) #11

HC says he is 6-2 200 pounds.

If this is true…

I trust if he plays this year, it will be at safety…unless he can redshirt and bulkup.

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(Alfred Matthews) #13

he wont be on the team this year. he will enroll early next year. we recruited him to play OLB.

(PMM) #14

So, you are saying that the HC provided incorrect information…

What is this world coming to !!

(Patrick) #16

“The reason I chose this place is because it’s a city where I can grow even bigger,” claimed Edgeston. “This is a big jump from going to a small place where no one knows where it’s at, to going to one of the biggest cities in the state. But I told myself you only get better if you just jump and go for it. So I committed to Houston because they were a perfect fit and I fit in on their defensive scheme and will play multiple linebacker positions there.”

Edgeston is entering his sophomore season for NEMCC while transitioning to being a full-time linebacker. Moving positions is nothing new to him because in his time at Falkner, Edgeston played many different positions.

(Patrick) #17

2nd Team Preseason JUCO All-American

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