Boom! 2020 DT Chidozie Nwankwo commits (Update: Decommitted - still considering Houston)

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Really hope we can hang on to this kid.

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Richmond Foster moved on to the Regional Final as they knocked off Hutto 41-31.

All the more reason to get a good DC in the house asap.

Junior highlights:

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Great motor

He’s legit!

Looks like Chubb of Denver Broncos and that is a good thing!

Last half of highlights looks slimmer and moves like Ed Oliver

Also smart in I think, the third last clip where O’line shifted. He shifted but was smart enough to see it was a ploy to clear the right side… which he pursued with success.

Very low center of gravity for his quickness, huge thighs.

Didn’t realize well from the vids. How does he come off the line? I did notice very low and apparently explosive from the ground level.

Ed was amazing at that. How was Chido by comparison?

The #10 shirt is waiting for him at UH.

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Keep the good times rolling…blessed to be a Coog right now…let’s get more Fireballs and Trail Blazers on the team…, Competative edge is sharp here at H-Town…3rd Ward Defense… Diamond Offense… Hell Cat Special Teams

Imagine if McMillan qualifies


I’m confused, it says he decommitted in the title. Did something happen?

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He posted this on Jan 22nd. Coaches are trying to woo him back into the fold this weekend:

Well, he technically decommitted to the old staff