Boom! 2020 DT Chidozie Nwankwo commits (Update: Decommitted - still considering Houston)

It’s amazing what a few nights at the post oak can do lol


Thank you Patrick, I somehow missed that. He appears to maybe be interested again. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Dude looks a lot like Big Ed wow, the resemblance is stunning


No kidding! He actually looks a heavier. How is his speed?

So are we back in the picture again ?

We are, but he hasn’t committed back to us, yet.


If he recommits, then changes his mind again, would that be a “redecommit”?

We’re testing the limits of prefixes here. :thinking:


Lol man, thanks for that. I’d call him psychotic if that happens.

I hope to one day see a rerecommit


This kid is legit; beast.

Reminds me of redisorganizing my garage!

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I knew a guy back in the 70’s that had been married 6 times – 3 times to the same woman. I asked him if he just liked rice. On the other hand, why would a woman marry a guy 3 times?


He’s nowhere near what Ed had in speed but this guy plays with brute force. Blows back offensive linemen, controls the line of scrimmage and put effort on pass rushes. Solid defensive lineman, only concern I have about him and and any defensive lineman that plays with such force is can they do the same thing in college? Not all high schools have huge linemen that can challenge him in the trenches but colleges will. But this guy will definitely workout for UH in the 3-4 defense.


No interviews please

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Only weakness I saw of Ed Oliver would be his sack totals. Other than that, man could ball.

Sack totals? From the DT position? U crazy

Why I’m I crazy lol. Just because I don’t agreed with you lol. DT’s get sacks too. Just look what Donald and Suh do at the NFL. It’s not bad if that’s his only weakness he can improve upon.

Didn’t help that CMD had Ed playing nose in a 3-4 front. That’s not his natural position. He had way more sacks in CTO’s defense.


CMD hurt his college career.