Boom! 2020 DT Chidozie Nwankwo commits (Update: Decommitted - still considering Houston)


Did I miss the ReCommit announcement?

Yes, is he coming?

There are still 10 months until signing day he could stay committed or change his mind 10 times between now and signing day.

First I want to thank UH for hosting me twice.

You missed nothing. He hasn’t committed to anyone, nor do I expect him to soon. He’s playing the game. Not sure why pic is posted, just a graphic that every player seems to get now! :roll_eyes:

He’s been getting some big offers lately…LSU offered the other day.

From what I’ve heard, he really likes UH as they offer his major and are highly ranked in it. However, he wasn’t happy that the new coaches didn’t come see him right away and that they let go of the entire staff.

However, he was happy that the coaches come out in force when they did go see him, but he’s still waiting to make a decision.

I’m sure other schools painted that negative picture in his head and he fell for it.

As someone who teaches Dot and saw every UH coach come in on a limo bus. I can tell you that Foster was one of the 1st schools that the entire coaching staff visited. His family wants him to stay in state, but LSU is going to be a tough offer to beat. His love for LSU is equal to his love for Ed Oliver.

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Oh, I believe that; they came out in force. Just passing along what I heard from a family member.


I’m not sure what that photo means.

New UH recruiting graphic. Hashtag is H20 so the picture is of a UH player painted with the colors running; basically dripping down.

Chidozie seemed to be impressed.


I like the H20 slogan for the 2020 class.



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Feel the love, youngling!

He would be quite the get. He may not be Ed Oliver good, but he sure is close, tho in HS.

Is he on or off with us? I’m confused.

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He decommitted due to Applewhite’s firing, but is still being heavily recruited by this staff.