Boom! 2020 DT Chidozie Nwankwo commits (Update: Decommitted - still considering Houston)

It looks like a graphic of a splash! In other words, he’ll make a splash at UH.

Kid doesn’t know it, but Applewhite’s firing is actually a blessing in disguise for him! Coach Horgorsen and his entire coaching staff, especially the defensive coaching unit, are 1000% better than Applewhite and his staff!

He’ll get better training to be a much better player playing for Coach Horgorsen and Coach Cauthen than he would ever be with Applewhite and Coach No D! Somebody needs to enlighten this young man and lead him back to the right path before he goes astray and found himself lost in the wrong place only to regret it later!


Man… If we can get dis kid to commit soon, Dana will have his cornerstones at Oline and Dline of the future. Both are also close to top 50 state talents. It would be quite the start for coach Dana’s first class.


If only Chidozie had a big brother here, so his father can make him commit to us …


I bet he’s a Coog lock. He’s shown us the most love and doesn’t wear number 10 by coincidence (see Bryson Smith and Greg Ward Jr.).His recruiting rankings shot up initially, and slowed down ever since he was in talks with UH.

Can’t have ole Houston getting 4 star recruits; that would change perception and we don’t want that

-biased recruiting services.

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Is it time to change the “Decommitted” description in the title yet? Nwanko appears to be more committed to the Coogs than many of our alumni.



Right. Who needs them. All they do is b**** and be debbie downers.

The same ones apologizing when the team starts winning and jumping back in the bandwagon lol.

Just my opinion fellow Cougars, but trashing our own alumni, is weak.
We are all in this together, lets act like it.
This is still America right, freedom of speech without reprisal should be a given. You may not agree with every opinion, but you should respect their right to make it. Many have fought for their country, so they especially, have that right.


It is so nice that this thread stayed exactly on topic


Good call! I lied…ok for the third time I promise not to lead us off the path. How bout them Coogs! Beat OU!


And I hope Nwankwo does the right thing!

I’m just waiting to see what recruits we are going to sign in the class of 1968 before I consider this thread to be totally hijacked.


2019-2020 the more things change, the more they stay the same lol

Because the underlying rot…remains

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I hope that we can land him. I think he has tremendous upside.

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The one thing Holgorsen knows is you can be your own man. He’s probably telling the kid that. There are facets of our brave, new sports world that make playing at UH an even better showcase for your skills. It’s not like the old days…with one or two games on TV.


I want him also… Hes good.

I think the recruiting gurus predict UH as his destination.