Boom! 4* OLB Nelson Ceaser commits to Houston (Update; Signed)

(Patrick) #42

Only a sophomore, so no rating.

(Munzell Milluns) #43

So mechanically corrupt are the recruiting services. They can drop him to a 1* and I don’t care now.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #44

But if they drop him to a 1 :star: he won’t be any good!!! :laughing:

(Patrick) #45

(Munzell Milluns) #46

Kind of relieved.

(Tom Green) #47

They’re all coming ( recruits) in this weekend to speak to CDH, so no relief yet. This is when he/players will decide if there is a fit. That being said really rather not lose Ceaser Nelson, only 4 star I think CMA was able to obtain.

(Munzell Milluns) #48

The coaches loved cma.

(Butch) #49

My son teaches at Ridge Point and says Ceaser is the real deal and should fill out nicely at UH…and yes my son has talked to him about the Cougars but not since Applewhite was let go…However, he has seen Ceaser walking the hallway with Coog gear on…so that is a positive sign.
Ceaser could well be a four year starter for the Coogs…

(PMM) #50

Because he coached at their level😎

(Patrick) #51

I’d say he’s staying:

(CoogNation_14) #52

With this system having a flex down lineman, I would think he would play as a freshman. What do you and everyone think?


With our new DC I would say it is a very good possibility. From what I’ve seen from Arkansas State video we should multiple different formations or variations of formations. So I think he will see some action.


If he doesn’t mind standing up then he could play early. It depends on how the upper-classmen that Applewhite recruited respond to the coaching change (i.e. Anenih and company).

(Patrick) #55