BOOM! 6'8" big man Ja'Vier Francis Commits to Coogs - with comments on his decision

Yea the kid @ Katy Paetow definitely looks the part but is very raw. I don’t think UH is recruiting him at this time. I don’t think he is high energy enough for CKS.

I agree most of the bigs want to play guard or handle the ball in Houston. Also being around the scene there are too many AAU teams and “personal trainers”. A lot of bad coaching in HS & AAU. The kids with potential are immediately placed on pedestal and don’t get coached hard enough in some cases.

Now we need to reel this guy in…


I saw the article in the Daily Cougar so they probably took the info from the comical.

I just assumed that assist was supposed to mean blocks

Didn’t Powell average 9-11 blocks in HS?

Thanks for the clarification. :slightly_smiling_face:

close, 8per game

Blocks in HS I take with a grain of salt. have seen some who should average 10 a game and only get 3-5,
What it tells me is he is active!

yeah, there is 0% chance anyone is doing 8 or 9 blocks a game in D1…a jump from 10 to 3-5 is actually elite…
3 blks per game would probably have you top 30 in the nation…5 blocks per game and you are likely the best shot blocker in all of college basketball…

the most anyone has ever done in the aac is 2.6 (by tacko and akok akok)…harris is probably a little over 3 if he played starter minutes


Correct. Nine blocks per game. Typo by me.

As I’m sure y’all know, Westbury Christian School’s level of competition is not quite on the same level as Montverde Academy’s level of competition.


Take blocks and assists totals with a grain of salt. Especially assists, which has been so abused it’s a worthless stat.
Being an Olajuwon fan, when he was with the Rockets, every game I watched I counted his number of blocked shots. I would come up with 4, 5. 6 a game but in the final official stat his numbers a lot of times were lower. I know what a blocked shot is and Olajuwon constantly got short changed. Still, he’s the NBA’s alltime leader, and he’s a Coog.


From a quick search: Amidah Brima went for 3.5 and 2.7, Austin Nichols 3.4, Justin Jackson 2.9, and Andre Washington 2.9.

Lol I only went back a few years, my bigger point was that even among the elite players you generally only see around 3 a game… no on is doing 8 or 9 blocks in D1

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If you have a center who can block 5 per game teams generally try to stay away from him or go smaller.

If I recall correctly, when Coach Guy V. Lewis first asked Hakeem Olajuwon about his plans at UH, Hakeem told GVL that he wanted to block ~12-15 shots a game.

As a former soccer goalie, it kind of made sense at the time.


I’ll care more about him when the commitment turns into an LOI…signed !!

Much more of an interior game back then and Dream probably could have blocked 10 per game but teams learned to stay away

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We sign these three and we are pretty much set for next season unless we lose more than Grimes early.

I’ll take steals over blocks. A steal is a more positive stat than a block. You instantly have possession of the ball with a steal.
To borrow an old football adage, when you throw the ball three things can happen and two are bad. When you block a shot., either your team comes up with ball, the other team retains possession, or the ball is swatted out of bounds and the other team still retains possession.
For those who say. Yea but it’s such an intimidating play. It is but how many times have you seen players try to block shots only to get out of position and the opposition gets the weak-side rebound?
Give me a team like UH that plays strong defense and rebounds. You don’t have to have a large number of blocks to be successful. Just block out and rebound.
I like blocks, but just steals way more.

Abdullah Olajuwon

I like steals too!
Guy loved his shot blockers too, especially Hayes, D Davis and Dream.
In practice Guy harped on his bigs blocking shots but more importantly keeping the ball in play which also could lead to easy layups.
But since those types of swat men rarely come along Guy V emphasized that half court trap every year.

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