BOOM! C/O '19 JUCO DE Justin Harris commits (Update: Released from NLI)

(Butch) #22

When you look at the whole picture both Mitchell and Taylor, along with Whitley had more productive careers. Of course these guys had more talent around them but at the same time played against much better competition.
Not taking away anything from Oliver, but he had two good years while the others played all four years and were all drafted high…

(Butch) #23

And one more thing, get us into a P5 conference and I bet we have a shot at recruiting athletes like Oliver…just sayin’


UH would be bringing in top 10 classes. I’m just tired of being treated like a 3rd world country or division 2 school.

(Jim Fletcher) #25



Or Glenn Montgomery and Craig Veasey or TJ Turner

Or Robert Oglesby, Alfred Oglesby, or Simon Fletcher.


And that’s what the B12 coaches are afraid of. They don’t want more competition in recruiting and on the field.

(Patrick) #27


Sooo, what does this mean?

(Patrick) #29

Means he won’t be attending UH in the Fall and we lose another from this class.

(Glenn) #30

I wonder if CDH had anything to do with his departure ?


CDH would have authorized the release, I think. Maybe Harris requested it.


That’s disappointing, was really thinking he would be a great addition to the defense.

I was initially thinking that this was about the new staff coming in but the fact that it says he is graduating in May is throwing me for a loop.



(Sam) #34

He’s deleted that tweet, so I’m not sure what’s going on. He may have sought his release and changed his mind. Seems odd to do that at this point, but who knows what’s up? I will say that we’re not exactly hurting at his position. Chambers, Payne (2nd highest rated recruit after Nelson Caesar), Hall, and probably Smith are all DEs, and there’s only one in our new defensive alignment.


He probably got hacked internally ??? Lol


Wait a minute, our DC runs a base 4-2-5 and of the 4 there is only one DE? That doesn’t make sense to me. Plus, I think Smith is too short to play DE unless he has a 40+ vertical.

(Sam) #37

There’s a NT, a DT, a traditional DE, and a “bandit” which is really an OLB/stand-up DE. It’s as much a 3-3-5 as a 4-2-5. I guess either fits. Possible starters:

NT: Neal/Charles-Pierre
DT: Turner/Bell
(Fleming could probably play either position)
DE: Chambers/Payne
BAN: Anenih/Willis-Dalton or Kirven or Caesar


Well, if that’s the case, I think Turner would be a waste at DT because he’s too tall. Leverage is not his friend. It will be interesting to see who plays where at the spring game.

(Sam) #39

Height isn’t the issue at DT that it is at NT. Look at Raekwon Davis at Alabama (6’7) and Rashan Gary (6’5) of Michigan. They’re considered two of the best DTs in college football. Both would be expected to go in the first half of the 1st round if Davis had not decided to stay at Bama his last year.

I’m projecting Turner at DT. I don’t know that he’ll play there, but he’s better against the run and should be 290-300 this coming season.

(Patrick) #40

That’s odd. He tweeted that tweet out, then tweeted out that he would accept all questions and interviews, and then tweeted out that he had been offered by Akron.

I do wonder if maybe he had been hacked because he’s not got his commitment tweet pinned up and has University of Houston in his profile.

(Sam) #41

It was confusing, but I learned that he won’t attend UH, and that decision has more to do with the staff’s wishes. Honestly, I don’t mind opening his 'ship to someone else. We really don’t need a second JC DE with Chambers, Payne, Hall, and maybe Smith.