BOOM! C/O '19 JUCO DE Justin Harris commits (Update; Signed)

(Butch) #22

When you look at the whole picture both Mitchell and Taylor, along with Whitley had more productive careers. Of course these guys had more talent around them but at the same time played against much better competition.
Not taking away anything from Oliver, but he had two good years while the others played all four years and were all drafted high…

(Butch) #23

And one more thing, get us into a P5 conference and I bet we have a shot at recruiting athletes like Oliver…just sayin’


UH would be bringing in top 10 classes. I’m just tired of being treated like a 3rd world country or division 2 school.

(Jim Fletcher) #25



Or Glenn Montgomery and Craig Veasey or TJ Turner

Or Robert Oglesby, Alfred Oglesby, or Simon Fletcher.


And that’s what the B12 coaches are afraid of. They don’t want more competition in recruiting and on the field.