BOOM! C/O ‘19 Marcus Sasser commits (Update: Signed)


No question we would not be 16-1 without him. What he brings to the court is game changing. I just think at this point in his development he does not have the patience and court savvy of a true point guard like Galen. Granted, Galen is a 4 year starter, but even in his first years he was a stabilizing presence. I an hoping Dejon proves me wrong if that’s the way it shakes out.

(Butch) #44

Dejon is just now getting the kinks out. No doubt he brings excitement when he enters any game. He is electric, a great penetrater and has the ability to spread the ball around. I think the way he is improving he starts next year…

(PMM) #45

If he doesn’t start next year, I gotta see the guy that does !

Our starting guards next year are most likely gonna be two 6’ 5” guys.

(Patrick) #46

Yep, I’m guessing the starting lineup will be:

Jarreau, Hinton, Brooks, White, Gresham


Jarreau, Hinton, Brooks, White, Gorham

(Randy Randel) #47

I’m thinking Door #2. Gorham allows much better spacing. By next season Fabian will be able to hold his own against the majority of bigs,

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #48

The givens to start are Jarreau, Brooks. Hinton, and White.

I think the 5th starter will be Gorham and Alley


Gorham>>> Alley. Even though, Alley will be a much better player next season. @pray10 2nd starting lineup is small ball; death lineup who can interchange on defense smoothly. Would still have Gresham & Harris as true bigs on the bench.


Alley brings so much to the floor in terms of hustle, defense and rebounding. With just a little polish on offense, he’s going to be a big part of the rotation, regardless of whether starting or coming off the bench.

(Thomas) #51

Dejon is bringing the mustard so no one needs to Poupon him at this time.


1 thru 10 on next year’s squad will be as talented as UH has had since I started following them closely (1991-92). That’s with two scholarships spots still open.

(Thomas) #53

He is way inconsistent in all areas of his game.


Other than the Byu game, he hasn’t shown much on offense and he’s been a liability at times. I’m sure his offense will come around eventually.


Hinton is 6’ 6” just like Michael Jordan and from the same state. I think he is a better shooter as freshman then MJ.

(PMM) #56

Just on offense IMHO.

He rebounds well, shoots FT’s well and plays good defense…However, he takes too many 3’s at which he is not efficient.

Really do not understand why he doesn’t take it to the bucket much more often.


Right! He’s a solid 6’6 230.

(Randy Worrell) #58

I think all of our newcomers this year ( Hinton,Jarreau, Gresham, Alley & F. White even though he is not new) are going to blow us all away on how much improved they are next year!

(Nathan Williams) #59

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mills started next year by mid- season. The dude is already practicing with the team, and CKS is on record saying he’s the best offensive player that he’s brought into UH.

I love the current team, but we’re going to be filthy next season!


Mills will start, he’s a special talent. Rob Grayesque.

(Randy Randel) #61

How many freshmen have started under CKS at UH? Of course Caleb will have spent the spring semester at UH so he’ll be ahead of any other freshman recruit we’ve had

(Tom Green) #62

Galen Robinson was his first recruit n has started all 4 yrs.