BOOM! C/O ‘19 Marcus Sasser commits (Update: Signed)

Don’t forget about Sasser, plus UH still has two ships to play with in the Spring.

Yep I see him spelling Brooks when he sits n taking few mins from combo guard position. They better plan on being patient for their mins. CKS always goes w exp if he feels they are even playing field.

just to play along…not counting suspension, injury, transfer …or something crazy

i give mills a 20% chance… and my bold prediction is not the emergence of mills but the opposite, the emergence of jarreau to the elites of college basketball. and he will get the most minutes of any player on next years roster… as he will likely be the best perimeter defender next year

every single player who has been under sampson has improved there shot drastically…dejon has one big flaw and that is that he cant shoot
i think in the offseason, dejon improves his shot to a respectable level, making him a more complete package. he shows out and becomes a second round pick as a junior … not saying it will happen, just my bold prediction

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Armoni is not really a combo guard. He’s really a wing shooter that can rebound.

I expect the 3 guards to start next season depending on who we might sign in April, to be Dejon, Nate and Armoni. If we don’t sign a PG, I would expect Nate to handle it when Dejon is out with Sasser backing Armoni and Caleb being the off guard.

Agree, I didn’t have Armoni as pg option. He’s either at the 2 or 3 position whichever is appropriate on who else is in. As far some of the other options they are very interchangeable. I keep saying CKS goal is to spread the court. He has said it several times in his intreviews.

Spreading of the court is why you won’t see the starting 5 you listed. Gorham will be in the starting lineup, with Fabian at the “5”. Matchups will dictate adjustments but Fabian should be able to handle most defensive assignments on the opponents’ big.

I should have been more detailed. What he has said is he wants 4 shooters who can spread the court w a 5-big man on the court. Fabian is weak on defense ( per CKS) at this point in his College career. Gressham is needed for Defense purpose as much as possible imo, but obviously it will be White or Gorham at times at the 5. I still see defense as being very imp in his overall scheme he’s not quite trying to be Jerry Tarkanian Running Rebels yet !! :grin:

Btw will Gorham be Soph or JR next yr.

Junior, I think.


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I am with Randy, Gorham is a likely starter at the 4 with White starting at the 5.
Three guards are set and will be our starters. I do believe the two fr guards may be a real key for next season off the bench I am interested if we go after a JC PG for next season or if we are comfortable with the 5 we have.

I can see us adding a guard and the last one on a transfer if available.

So Mills is going to get better in the next 9 months as Jarreau (who has played in about 8 games in 2 years) stays the same and doesn’t improve at all !!

I hope they both improve and play at a high level…but Jarreau will start for what it is worth !!

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A veteran pg, and possibly a big with the last two ships. I can see CKS using all of the school allotment.

Well shit, I didn’t know we had Coach Sampson in the building or better yet in the forum :joy::joy::joy:

Now, you know !

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Not what I said but cool. I just said he would be in the mix. And he absolutely will if he’s the better point guard.

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I trust CKS completely, but what I would really like to see is a big who can defend and score. This guy doesn’t have to be our primary scoring threat, but at least above average on both ends of the floor. Brady is ok in that regard, although pretty weak as a rim protector and still fouls way too much. Gresham can defend and is an awesome rim protector, but post-moves and touch around the rim are not his strengths (there’s still time to work on that). I guess Fabian could be that guy, but I would much rather have him in the Devin Davis role given his size and ability to shoot the mid range jumper. I was very hopeful about Chris Harris, but he doesn’t seem to be getting any less raw as time goes on. It would be really nice to have a 6’9" or 6’10" rim protector with legit post moves. I could be forgetting someone, but the last good post player I can remember at UH was Tayshawn Thomas. It’s been a while.

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If you likes Thomas in the middle you should have no problem with White moving forward. Slightly undersized but will be a solid scorer and defender inside.

I also think you are selling Brady way short on the defensive end. One area he has really improved on this season.

To me it would have to be the right guy who can really make a difference. Right now we have 6 bigs returning and only one in Harris will be a Sr. I am happy with the guys.

I’ve been saying this. They just don’t grow on trees. I think we’re going small next year and hope we don’t play any good teams with real bigs.

I honestly don’t think that will come into CKS head when schedule is being completed for Fall 2019. :roll_eyes:. #ThinkBig