BOOM! C/O ‘19 Marcus Sasser commits (Update: Signed)

TT was good. Wish he hadn’t transferred for his senior season.

Yep. I enjoyed watching him play. Although undersized, Thomas could bang inside with much bigger guys.

@RWcoog, the problem I have with White playing more in the paint is that he doesn’t seem built for that. I suppose he could bulk up, but he seems like more of a Devin Davis guy. He has had some nice finishes in the paint this year, but mostly he seems undersized and either loses the handle or throws up a bad shot when he’s in there. Given the option, I’d like to see Fabian stay at the 4. Brady has improved defensively, but he still fouls way too much, which also affects his offense since he’s on the bench more often. But definitely better than last year.

@Progs, I’m hopeful with our increased and sustained success, we’ll attract a true big at some point soon.

Brady does foul some but the refs are just pathetic too and his game seems to suffer more with them. The past game he fouled out the first 3 fouls were ridiculous.

I am fine with White playing the 4 but I think he will get moved and we still have Gresham then Harris if we need to add some height at center.

I also like the rotation of Gorham and Alley at the 4 with the occasional Hinton when we go small.

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sasser wins player of the year in his district


They obviously didn’t use spellcheck on their Power Point presentation.


someone posted this a few weeks ago. sasser’s senior highlight reel…at the time it didnt seem pertinent to post it but since the sasser hype train has started, why not lol


Reminds of Corey Davis w/more handles lol


Yes he does.


Holy crap, that range!

Yeah, no kidding. He shoots a lot of 3’s way behind the line. Love his crossover move to get the open shot.

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Or, on their Twitter account. Jeez.

Well, unless this is a follow-up to BASEketball.