BOOM! Caleb Mills commits

(Dustin) #1

Kelvin Sampson pulls a North Carolina ace out of his sleeve for the 2nd straight year

College Basketball Recruiting

The kid has a huge number of schools offering him!

(Patrick) #3

That’s a big BOOM!!!

Mills is a 6’3" Combo Guard from Asheville, NC

That crossover at 1:00…:heart_eyes:

(Patrick) #4


for petty (non-important) reasons i was hopping he would hold off the commit till after re-evaluations… he was projected to be in the 4star range. i was pretty sure he was going to get it when he was the recruit Tennessee. xavier, florida state and unc were after.

the skeptic in me, thinks theyll keep him a 3star becuase he committed to houston’…either way this is BIG BOOM!!!

He is very very good … he was on rivals and 247 biggest risers lists, and had close to 30 offers, with almost all of the last 8 or 9 all big time teams


I think he will be a top 100 player when the new rankings come out, at least on 247. Brian Snow, 247 recruiting expert, says he will have a HUGE jump when the new rankings come out at the end of the month.


What’s far more important than his HS recruiting rankings are his personal skills and development potential

(Patrick) #8


Update I just asked the rivals and 247 people and both responded saying he is getting a big boost (didn’t say how much) and to look at the end of August

(Alfred Matthews) #10

UH bball is on the rise. this is just another piece to the puzzle. im excited in the present and future of this program


This is like getting another Nate Hinton type talent. I have a feeling this class will be special.


All the blue blood programs wanted him now. CKS and his son know how to identify talent early on.

(Alfred Matthews) #13

next year’s guards (so far)


so much talent.

(Dan) #14

Boom! All three of our starting guards last year had PG handles and speed. This looks to be a trend for the program with this combo guard and Hinton. Press at your own peril. Go Coogs.

(Jerrycoog) #15

You can never have too many guys capable of playing the point plus its nice to have multiple guys who can create their own shot when the shot clock winds down.


One more guard will be added.

(Alfred Matthews) #17

yep. hopefully its a pure pg like pierre crockwell.


i think we get way more than 1 more guard…

we have 4 scholarships to give…
we only lose 1 big total, and already have 1 coming in (justin)…we are definitely trying to get 1 more PF but i think the other 3 could end up being all guards… i think we get atleast 2more

i think the staff will focus on shooters more than pure PGs, every guard on roster next season not named brooks are elite drivers with questionable shooting…and brooks will be a senior…and sampson says 3 point shooting is essential to the offense…2 of the main guys we are after now seem to be shooters too

(Munzell Milluns) #19

Dear Lord! His touch in the lane is Heavenly. Sampson showing how a professional constructs a program…piece by piece.


6’3", 170? Can’t wait to see what Alan Bishop can do with this kid in the weight room.