BOOM! Coogs land commitment from '19 Elsik DE Rason Williams II (Update: Signed)

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6’4" 230 pounds. Just received the UH offer a couple of days ago; was his first and only offer so far.


Nice! That spells chip on his shoulder and he will be proving people wrong on the field.

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This staff really seems to like tall, underlooked, athletic DEs that haven’t really put on weight yet. Cam Malveaux may have been the prototype that this staff references, but Payton Turner, Logan Hall…seems we try and find at least one guy in each class that fits this mold.

Worked with Malveaux and Turner had a productive season last season after getting in the strength program so there is definitely precedence here. Very low risk (of getting poached), possibility of high reward type recruits.

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Very well stated. 100% agree. Those are the players that I was thinking of too. I think that Bowser was a little bit higher on the radar but he was similar in height and build before they bulked him up.

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We used to do that a lot when Yeoman was coaching. I seem to remember Joey Banes was 210 when he signed, but after being beefed up, he was about 300.


If he’s a diamond in the rough, he should be All-District as a senior.

He was not as a junior.

Recruiting discussion: "Diamonds in the Rough"
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I think they get overlooked instead of underlooked. Speaking from experience, if someone is skinny due to a really high metabolism, it’s really hard to put on weight. You can get stronger of course, but you don’t get much heavier. Some of these kids, their metabolism doesn’t slow down til they are near their mid 20’s. So it’s a gamble because a tall skinny defensive end has no leverage against offensive tackles that are shorter and outweigh the DE by 50 to 75 lbs.

So the question they hopefully ask the kid or the parents, does he eat a lot or does he not eat that much. If he eats a lot, he probably has a high metabolism.


Can always hope he is like “The Stork”.

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Don’t forget that just because they are a DE in high school does not mean that they might not be an outside LB in college or play the Rush End as we sometimes call them. I think these guys that are 6-3 or 6-4 and 220 or 230 pounds are perfect as they will put on muscle and weight in the normal maturing process, not to mention with proper eating and strength conditioning.

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