BOOM- DT Da'Juan McMillan- PORT ARTHUR, TX (MEMORIAL) commits. 05/27

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1st team 22-5A

Looks quick on the film.


Recruitment still open??? WTF?

(Paul Marlow) #3

Next recruiting cycle. Looks like an Ed Oliver clone. Looks awesome!

(Patrick) #4

Guessing the kid wants more than the one offer he has right now, but is afraid that if he doesn’t commit now, he may not have a spot later. Not exactly something you want to post when you’re “committing” to a school though.

Watching the highlights, kid has some good straight-line speed and tends to not give up on the ball. There’s potential there, he attended junior day and the first mini-camp, and he’s from Elandon Roberts’ high school so maybe he’ll stick even if other schools start to sniff around.

(Alfred Matthews) #5

not ranked?

(Patrick) #6

No. We’re the only one that has shown any interest, but he’s also only attended our camps.

(PMM) #7

Looking like and playing like are a lot different !

(Mike Hull) #8

Recruitment still open??? WTF?

Could that be a typo? Lots of typos, shortcuts, and inattention in twitter posts.

I got the sense that he was all in with the “110 %” comment. Maybe not . . . ?

(09Frontiersmen) #9

Soft (verbal) commitment


He is 110% committed to maybe playing for UH.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

I meant that in a good way. I saw his highlights and he looked impressive off the snap. he was manhandling quarterbacks.

(Brad) #12

Hold off on the judgment. UH needs him to attain more offers and a higher ranking.

(Alfred Matthews) #13

rivals and 247 just ranked him.

(Mike Higdon) #14

Why? He will be no better or no worse with or without more offers. His star ratings mean nothing to me; his performance is what counts – and his commitment.

(Kris White) #15

60% of the time he is committed all the time.

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(Brad) #17

Obviously what happens on the field matters. But recruiting rankings matter as well. It’s about optics and generating excitement for a class the attract more recruits. Highly rated players want to play with other highly rated players. Fans and recruits want to see a higher ranking.

(Alfred Matthews) #18

its funny how when herman was here, heck even sumlin when we got 4*'s we got excited about their rankings, now all of a sudden we don’t care about them now that Applewhite recruits lower ranked guys?

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24/7 ranked him a 3 star.

(Patrick) #20