BOOM- DT Da'Juan McMillan- PORT ARTHUR, TX (MEMORIAL) commits. 05/27

(Munzell Milluns) #21

Can’t have enough quality DT’s.

(Patrick) #22

Da’juan was just at Tulane the other day so it’s good to see him reaffirming his commitment.


He’s a steal no doubt.

(Patrick) #24

Midseason highlights:

(Grant) #25

I say let’s see what he does to fill the class before deciding if he’s a bad recruiter or not. He really isn’t doing that bad, pretty on par with Sumlin and Levine to be honest. The class is ranked a little lower since we only have 13 commits. Still time to add a couple then pluck a few transfers to fill some holes for next season.

And to be fair Applewhite does have the only 4-star committed to an AAC program so far.


He needs to work on depth. The Arizona game told me there is a big gap between the 1st team, and the second team players.

(Grant) #27

And that routinely has been an issue with UH.

And while I’m not as scared of head coaching turnover as some are, that is one thing that it really kills. Losing a class like Applewhite did his first year KILLS depth. There were a handful of starters in that class.

(Patrick) #28

Looks like McMillan won’t sign early. Wonder if the coaches will wait on him.

“You never know what the future holds,” Port Arthur Memorial’s Da’Juan McMillan, who is committed to the University of Houston, said. “You just don’t know what’s going to happen this season.”

The businesslike thinking has traction in Southeast Texas whether you’re a recruit with double-digit offers, like Barlow, or two, like McMillan.


I thought he said he was 110% committed to UH. When you are over 100% sure of your decision, you do not speak of doubt about it. I guess he may be waiting for a P5 offer.

(Patrick) #30


Hopefully he can clear up his grades and be a Coog next year.

Turner, Hall, and Fleming returning with some lesser known talent in the bullpen, and with Payne, Harris, and possibly McMillan coming in I think our defense will have some experience and depth next year.


We really need a Juco or grad transfer DT. Other than Fleming and Young, the other guys on roster or committed are DEs.


Agree, it will be interesting to see what we can do with our last couple of scholarships.

(Ben B) #34

We need some JUCO CBs.

(Patrick) #35

He didn’t qualify academically and didn’t sign on early signing day. Not really a surprise.


I don’t understand this. If he didn’t qualify academically, what good does it do to reopen his recruitment? Do different schools have different academic eligibility requirements? I thought that was established by the NCAA as far as athletes go.


Lol. Yeah, it’s just silly. He wasn’t going to qualify. Juco bound


Did he just said, no extra Drama :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Patrick) #39

He was a strange kid. When he committed, he said his recruitment was still open as well.

(David) #40

Did he actually sign? Duarte said this is the second signee to decommit.